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CY Cyprus
Stand No: 80C60
DELORBIS Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a leading generic pharmaceutical company based in Cyprus, Europe. At DELORBIS, we are dedicated to offer: • A broad portfolio of EU Approved Branded Generics, and • Contract Manufacturing & QC Services - flexible, fast & reliable production. Learn more about us at www.delorbispharma.eu
Sub-event: CPHI
Zone: API
BE Belgium
Stand No: 40B10
Eumedica is an independent and international pharmaceutical company that aims to ensure medical care continuity. We offer an extensive range of products and services in three domains of expertise: Manufacturing APIs; Clinical Study Distribution Services and On-demand logistics services; Marketing and distributing pharmaceutical products
DE Germany
Stand No: 111C54
As a service provider for the pharmaceutical industry, Jesalis Pharma develops crystallization and solid-state finishing processes for highly active drug substances to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical purity, bioavailability and processibility. In particular, Jesalis' cutting-edge particle engineering technologies for micro- and nano-crystallization enable the manufacture of microcrystalline particles with a narrow size distribution, leading to pharmaceuticals with superior physical and biochemical properties. Furthermore, Jesalis is particularly strong in investigating and providing solutions for API solid-state challenges originating from development and manufacturing. Jesalis Pharma also exports drugs manufactured by German pharmaceutical companies to non-European countries.
Sub-event: CPHI
Zone: API
CH Switzerland
Stand No: 91H13
We are a professionally managed company serving pharmaceutical industry through an extensive range of pharmaceutical formulations, active ingredients (API's) and excipients. Our team of specialists can accommodate all our clients' requirements. As a company dealing with Pharmaceutical products, we work in strict conformity with Swissmedic (Swiss Health Authorities) guidelines.
PL Poland
Stand No: 62C44
The Pomorskie Region is located in the southern part of the Baltic Sea in the Central Europe and hosts a wide range of companies from farmaceutical, biotechnology and environment, throughout IT and telecommunication , up to the maritime and off-shore industries. An attractive location, broad and easy access to educated graduates as well as experienced staff, and the available office space make the region a perfect location for both; start-ups but also well established companies. Today, we are bringing representatives of the Pomorskie from farmaceutical and biotechnology industry to CPhI 2017.
Sub-event: CPHI
GR Greece
Stand No: 60C70
Rafarm is a Greek pharmaceutical company with long experience of more than 40 years of operations in the development, manufacturing, out-licensing and marketing of pharmaceutical products for human use. We grow together; Planning with care for the future by continuously investing in expanding our GMP certified plant and strong team of fully qualified professionals, in order to deliver to our partners, a wide range of products and services fully customized to suit their needs. Specialized in ophthalmic and sterile difficult to make products, we also offer fully integrated solutions for solids, semisolids, liquids and creams always implementing our philosophy “Health care. Human care.”
Sub-event: CPHI