AbdiBio will be the largest biotechnological pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Turkey

Abdi İbrahim, providing service to humankind and medicine with pioneering, bold and innovative achievements for more than a century, is building the biggest biotechnological pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Turkey. 

The foundations of AbdiBio, the largest biotechnological pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Turkey, have been laid with a Groundbreaking Ceremony on Friday, June 26th, with the attendance of 2 Ministers, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Fikri Işık, and the Minister of Health Dr. Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, along with around 400 distinguished guests from the publicand private sectors.

Our Chairman Nezih Barut, stated in his speech that we will be manufacturing biotechnological medicines for cancer, diabetes, rheumatism, central nervous system and blood diseases, which can not be treated with chemical medicines in AbdiBio.  This will be a promising step for the future of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry as well.

"With an investment of 100 million USD, we will be the 'cure' for the current budget deficit as well.”

Nezih Barut, pointing out that nearly all of the biotechnological products are imported, continued by indicating, "In order for the Turkish economy to have a sustainable growth process, our industry needs to turn into a structure that provides higher added value that is based on advanced technology. Manufacturing and export in the biotechnology field will be the cure for the current budget deficit, which is the most important agenda of our economy as well."

Expressing that the objective is not only to bring them into use in Turkey, but also to export the biotechnological medicines to be manufactured at AbdiBio, which is expected to go into operation in January 2017, Barut said, "We are planning to export the biotechnological medicines that we will manufacture to the foreign countries where we operate. Thereby, we would like to provide two-sided added value in order to reduce the current budget deficit by playing a role in increasing exportation as well as decreasing importation.”

"We will implement all production processes.”

Barut stated that all manufacturing processes from the cell bank to the end product will be implemented in this new facility, AbdiBio, and continued stating , "We are not only establishing a facility that has a high technology in world class. We will also contribute to our industry and country by training specialists in this field where the qualified manpower is low.”

 "We are healing people in 48 countries”

Stating that people not only from Turkey, but also throughout the world use the medicines manufactured by Abdi İbrahim, Barut said, "We heal people in 48 countries from Kazakhstan to Algeria and from Canada to the UK where we export to. Knowing that we make another child smile and that we ease the pain of another grandfather anywhere in the world at any time we work no doubt gives us a great strength. With this strength, here, we are taking a significant step today in making another dream come true and we feel really blissful and proud thanks to this.”

Barut added that they believe Turkey will be a regional power in the pharmaceutical field in the future and that they truly support all the investments and studies in this field.