Pharma Insight Briefings

Area of presentation – InnoPack packaging - How Plastic Materials Can Help Protect Your Product and Your Patients

Speaker Name: Steve Duckworth - Global Head of Healthcare Polymer Solutions

  1. What are the current global trends driving the pharmaceutical sector you are working in? How does your company respond to those trends?

Increasing regulatory oversight on materials used in packaging and devices as indicated by new regulations such as USP <661,1> and the European Medical Device Regulation 2017.  We have responded by participating in industry trade associations such as MedPharmPlast, PDA and seminars to keep up to date, In addition we extend the testing and controls of raw materials to support our customers with the regulatory declarations that support their risk assessment.

2. What are the top challenges faced by the pharmaceutical sector you represent at this moment? How does your company deal with these challenges?

Besides the increasing regulatory scrutiny mentioned above, the biggest, and growing challenge facing our customers is the threat of fakes. Fakes put at risk patient safety, a fundamental criterion for the industry, destroy value, as well as interfere with the efficacy of treatments. Data shows > 20% increase in incidents across every drug and device category.  To deal with this we partnered with a security expert company SICPA to develop an in-plastics solution that complements and strengthens detection of, and strengthens counter-measures against fakes.

3. What topic are you presenting at the Pharma Insight Briefings and why is this subject so important to the market at this time?

See above

4. What can attendees to your session expect to gain and which challenges does this content address? Why should they include your presentation in their agenda?

We will demonstrate how Clariant is innovating in plastics to tackle the industry issue of managing and reducing risk. In particular, we will show how the PLASTIWARD system should be considered as changing the approach to security against fakes, by offering real-time authentication that adds an important layer to countermeasures.

5. How do you see your sector of the market evolving in the next 5 years?

The plastics use in healthcare is growing at around 6-8% per annum, and we feel that through helping the industry understand and managing risk, they can better fulfil the regulators expectations, yet still create innovative products that offer safe treatments…