Pharma Insight Briefings

Area of presentation – InnoPack packaging - User-friendly packaging solutions for moisture/oxygen sensitive formulation

Speaker: Ephraim Ulmer - Chief Executive Officer

  1. What are the current global trends driving the pharmaceutical sector you are working in? How does your company respond to those trends?

Packaging providers for pharmaceutical companies are striving to meet the increasingly stringent packaging requirements to protect the progressively more complex and unstable formulations. Solutions are needed for moisture and/or oxygen sensitive formulations, as well as packaging that is both senior-friendly and child-resistant. In addition, packaging solutions must meet strict FDA and EU Pharmacopeia regulations. LOG Pharma addresses these trends by providing a broad range of packing solutions to ensure that even the most sensitive tablets and liquid formulations are delivered in excellent condition, and that the packaging is extremely user-friendly to all populations. All our products are fully compliant with US FDA and European pharmacopoeia standards.

2. What are the top challenges faced by the pharmaceutical sector you represent at this moment? How does your company deal with these challenges?

The biggest challenge facing packaging providers is finding the winning combination between packaging excellence and development speed. LOG Pharma produces a wide range of innovative active and passive solutions that protect drugs from exposure to moisture and oxygen, extend shelf life and assist in passing drug stability tests, which ultimately helps to shorten drug formulation development time and reduces time-to-market (TTM).

3. What topic are you presenting at the Pharma Insight Briefings and why is this subject so important to the market at this time?

LOG Pharma’s seminar will discuss user-friendly packaging solutions for sensitive moisture and oxygen formulations. With the current Pharma needs for user-friendly packaging that is both appropriate for sensitive formulations and tailored to the requirements of FDA and EU regulations, the seminar will present new innovations in packaging technology that address these challenges.

4. What can attendees to your session expect to gain and which challenges does this content address? Why should they include your presentation in their agenda?

Attendees will learn about the latest packaging technologies and ground-breaking innovations that are being released by LOG Pharma Packaging, an established industry leader and trusted partner of global pharmaceutical companies for innovative primary packaging solutions. With a track record spanning more than four decades, the company’s product portfolio features over 400 tailored and standard solutions, including active and passive barrier packaging, child-safety and smart packaging.

5. How do you see your sector of the market evolving in the next 5 years?

General trends, such as rising consumer expectations for convenience, safety and personalized products will affect the primary pharmaceutical packaging industry. LOG Pharma’s experienced in-house R&D team and two audited production facilities are well positioned to continue to deliver this innovation.