Pharma Insight Briefings

Area of presentation –  Oral Thin Films : Innovative Dosage Form for Improving Patient Compliance

Speaker Name: Niraj Dhadiwal - Principal Research Co-ordinator

  1. What are the current global trends driving the pharmaceutical sector you are working in? How does your company respond to those trends?

Market is always driven by the needs of end user i.e. patient. Research efforts are put towards Value addition in terms of dosage frequency, ease of handling & storage and increased safety of existing medicinal products. All pharma companies are trying to offer solutions to unmet medical needs through innovative proprietary technologies. Zim is creating differentiated generic pharmaceutical products from its indigenously developed proprietary technology platforms. These products, characterized by their technical complexity and differentiations, offer a unique market positioning for delivering enhanced product attributes to patients and clients. While doing all this due attention is paid to non-infringing processes ensuring faster time to market and to get first mover advantage.

2. What are the top challenges faced by the pharmaceutical sector you represent at this moment? How does your company deal with these challenges?

Following are some of the current challenges:

  • Lack of value addition while doing innovation
  • Development of Non-infringing products/processes

At Zim, we believe in developing innovative product that add value to all the members of pharmaceutical fraternity right from patient to clinician to marketing companies. All our technology platforms are indigenous and many are patent protected. The dedicated efforts of our highly skilled research professionals are making our technology platforms more robust and efficient.

3. What topic are you presenting at the Pharma Insight Briefings and why is this subject so important to the market at this time?

We are presenting new pharmaceutical dosage form namely, thin films. These are elegant, flexible, thin films, dissolve almost instantaneously when kept on the tongue. These films provide strong product differentiation, visual recognition and additional attributes useful for Patient and Care-giver. These are ideal for delivery to pediatric, geriatric, dysphagic, mentally challenged and other special needs patient populations. Most of the companies are interested in brand extension of their existing products and many others are interested in offering this novel dosage form to their patients.

4. What can attendees to your session expect to gain and which challenges does this content address? Why should they include your presentation in their agenda?

Attendees will get to know about features of this novel dosage form and about formulation, technology and regulatory challenges associated with development of new products in thin film technology platform. Those who are interested in brand extension and want to know more about this versatile technology platform which is suitable for multiple therapeutic segments and varying release profiles and want to understand complexities associated with development and approval of new products in this dosage form, should attend this presentation. They will also learn about the recent scientific developments being done to make this technology free of present limitations.

5. How do you see your sector of the market evolving in the next 5 years?

The demand of pharmaceutical thin films is rising every year. The thin film segment was valued at US $ 1647.8 mn in 2015 and is projected to reach USD 3,793.7 Mn by 2020, reflecting a CAGR of 18%.