Pharma Insight Briefings

Area of presentation – FDF Finished Formulations - Pharma & OTC: Entering the Prosperous Emerging Markets

Mr. Reiner Christensen - Speaker Job Title:   CEO

Area of presentation – FDF Finished Formulations - Pharma & OTC: Entering the Prosperous Emerging Markets

  1. What are the current global trends driving the pharmaceutical sector you are working in? How does your company respond to those trends?
  • We are working across any pharma sectors, OTC as well as Medical Devices
  • Key trend seen is the low growth rates in mature markets and attractive growth rates in the emerging markets in Latin America, CEE/CIS and Asia as well as Middle East
  • CPC helps other companies to capture these growth opportunities in emerging markets by identifying which market makes sense for market entry with which product

2. What are the top challenges faced by the pharmaceutical sector you represent at this moment? How does your company deal with these challenges?

  • Challenges include:
    • Determining what products will be successful in a specific emerging market
    • Also determining which markets the company’s products are suited to
    • The process around entering a new market successfully
  • CPC helps company’s forms strong international strategies and implementation and market entry

3. What topic are you presenting at the Pharma Insight Briefings and why is this subject so important to the market at this time?

  • The topic is around how to enter the prosperous emerging markets in Latin America, CEE/CIS, Asia and Middle East successfully, and will have a focus on Pharma & OTC & Medical Device companies
  • Important to raise awareness for companies considering, or undergoing, internationalisation into the emerging markets

4. What can attendees to your session expect to gain and which challenges does this content address? Why should they include your presentation in their agenda?

  • This presentation will provide attendees with an overview of what the challenges are when internationalising into the emerging markets
  • It will give attendees unique insight into things that they could be thinking about or doing before, during and after internationalisation of their products in specific markets.

5. How do you see your sector of the market evolving in the next 5 years?

  • The emerging markets in Latin America, CEE/CIS and Asia will become more saturated, as global players increase their presence there
  • Internationalisation into these markets will become more and more difficult, and local governments implement protective measurements, preventing foreign companies from benefitting from their markets
  • Growth rates will continue over the next 5 years to remain positive and around the double-digit mark, largely due to the vast populations in many of the emerging markets, with increasing medical demands.