SGD introduces its NEW Tubular Glass Packaging

Long recognized as the world reference for quality in Moulded Glass Vials, SGD proudly introduces Tubular Glass Packaging produced at its Cogent facility in Hyderabad, India. SGD Cogent vials provide an optimal combination of SGD Quality and globally competitive pricing. 

SGD Cogent manufactures Type I tubular glass vials and ampoules.  Since acquiring Cogent’s majority share in 2013, SGD has steadily advanced the plant’s manufacturing and quality systems.  The modern production lines (less than 5 years old) are the best equipment available, providing high capacity and precision. They are equipped with state-of-the-art, automated vision inspection systems to assure high product quality.  Today SGD Cogent is an ISO 15378 certified, world-class producer of tubular glass packaging.  

Tubular vials are lighter weight and have more uniform optical properties than moulded vials.  They are used in many pharmaceutical/biotech applications, particularly when small fill volumes are involved.    

The product line includes clear or amber tubular glass vials and ampoules ranging from 1 to 50 ml capacity.  All international standard finish options are available, including crimp-seal designs for serum and lyo stoppers, and screw-neck designs for diagnostic, chromatography and headspace vials.  Special blow-back neck ID’s and flat bottom designs for lyophilisation are available, as well as additional internal treatments such as Sulphur treated and siliconized vials.

SGD Cogent Vials and Ampoules surpass the requirements of the world’s leading Pharmacopeia Standards. (USP, EP, JP). Our highly trained and skilled work force, along with advanced manufacturing equipment, strict quality controls and robust packaging assure that clients of SGD Cogent, India receive tubular glass packaging components that are both highest quality and cost efficient.