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The Innovation Gallery showcases some of CPhI & P-MEC India's most exciting new products. FREE to view for all visitors, to see and hear companies talking about what is at the forefront of pharma innovations. See innovative pharmaceutical developments in ingredients, machinery and packaging every day. Discover the 2018 innovations just below:

Innovation Gallery - Furocyst


An Innovation in PCOS Management

PCOS is a common lifestyle disease affecting as many as 1 out of 10 women. In young girls, the symptoms are mainly cosmetic as they get disturbed by acne, weight gain and facial hair. In married women, PCOS often manifests as inability to conceive. Furocyst® is a patented product derived from single herb with a proprietary manufacturing process involving separation of active ingredients without affecting their chemical properties. Furocyst is clinically evaluated for management of PCOS. The studies are also available on

Innovation Gallery Prosman


An Innovation in BPH Management

Urinary problems like weak urine system, dribbling at the end of urinating, inability to urinate, incomplete emptying of bladder, needing to urinate many times per night, pain with urination or bloody urine, slowed or delayed start of the urinary stream, straining to urinate are common among men above 40. Prosman is a natural, clinically evaluated and patented ingredient for the management of the same and has been sourced from self-grown Prunus species. Prosman has been duly patented in USA, China and Korea. A clinical study was conducted on 140 subjects and it was proven safe and effective.

Innovation Gallery Pine Bark

Ambe Phytoextracts Pvt. Ltd.


Pinorox™ Pine Bark Extract has been introduced from domestic source pinus rouxburgii which has various medicinal values and health benefits. As per increasing demand of pine bark extract in domestic and international market Ambe offer FSSAI approved high quality Pinorox™ Pine bark extract ensuring National and international standards.