CPhI Annual Industry Report 2018

The CPhI Annual Report is a comprehensive and critically important publication that analyses key trends and innovations forecast by our panel of world class experts. Running as a series of opinions and articles, the CPhI experts call upon their considerable commercial and technical acumen to prophesize the future direction, technologies, opportunities and threats in pharma. It’s an essential read for executives who wish to get a head start today on the shape of tomorrow’s industry.

We would like to thank the following global pharma experts for contributing to the CPhI Annual Report 2018:

  • Vivek Sharma, CEO at Piramal Enterprises Ltd.
  • ​Fiona Barry, Editor at PharmSource, a GlobalData Compant
  • Dilip Shah, CEO at Vision Consulting Group
  • Brian Carlin, Director at FMC
  • Emil W. Cuirczak, President at Doramaxx Consulting
  • Bikash Chatterjee, President and CSO at PharmTech Associates
  • Girish Malhotra, President at EPCOT International
  • Dawn M. Ecker, Consultant and Biotrak Database Manager at Bioprocess Technology Consultants
  • Minzhang  Chen,  Ph.D.  CEO  Of  STA  Pharmaceutical,  A  Wuxi  Apptec  Company  (Wuxi  STA)
  • Michiel Ultee, CEO at Ulteemit Bioconsulting
  • Kent Payne, CEO at Socorro Pharmaceuticals