Anthem Biosciences Pvt Ltd.

Anthem Biosciences is a Bangalore based Contract Research and Innovation Service Provider (CRISP), located in an Industrial Park in Bangalore with a built-up capacity to house over 500 researchers. Currently, the company employs over 350 people with plenty of room for adding extra capacity.

The people at Anthem Biosciences bring years of relevant experience to the company. A team of experienced Chemists, Biologists, Engineers and Business people own the responsibility of transparent and ethical dealing with customers.

Our CRISP model – Anthem offers a whole gamut of services dedicated to enabling and sustaining global research efforts in the discovery of new compounds by pharmaceutical, biotechnology, specialty chemicals, agriculture chemicals and material science companies. This is done by leveraging the company's core competencies in organic synthesis, process development, analytical chemistry, discovery biology and regulatory compliance.

With its best in class infrastructure Anthem Biosciences can do GMP synthesis ranging from milligram to kilogram, multi-kilogram to multiple tonne scale. Apart from modern well equipped labs, the company has a cGMP kilo lab and a versatile GMP pilot plant.

In Discovery Research, Anthem provides pharmaceutical clients services from generation of hits, transforming hits to leads and optimization of leads to developable drug candidates against known or client's targets. The company has recently commissioned new laboratory space, more than doubling its lab capacity. A new GLP compliant in-vivo facility, new ADMET labs and a pilot fermentation lab have been added.

Anthem Biosciences works with clients on various business modules like FTE (Full Time Equivalent) or FFS ( Fee for Service) or a combination of the above, depending on the complexity of the task and the need of the client. The company is flexible in its approach in evolving sensible and efficient models that suit each client.

In the ever crowding space of CROs, Anthem Biosciences distinguishes itself as a top tier organization, with a highly skilled team, quality services and a guarantee of on-time performance.

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#49 Canara Bank Road
Bommasandra Industrial Area