EDQM/Council of Europe

The EDQM is a European body which equips Authorities and manufacturers worldwide with the European Pharmacopoeia, its reference standards and Certificates of Suitability to the Monographs of the European Pharmacopoeia (CEPs). The European Pharmacopoeia is THE PHARMACOPOEIA FOR EUROPE and is mandatory in 38 European countries. It outlines the quality requirements which must be met in order to get medicines approved in Europe. CEPs are certificates directly used in the quality section of Marketing Authorization Dossiers and they are officially recognized by more than 70 countries worldwide. The European Pharmacopoeia and CEPs are manufacturers' preferred gateway to access the European Market and beyond.

The European Pharmacopoeia contains more than 3000 legally binding quality standards for medicines on the European market. They cover all kinds of ingredients used in medicines for human and veterinary use. They are applicable at the same time in all countries. Free services include access to the KNOWLEDGE database and access to the online Helpdesk. Share also your expertise by reading and commenting draft European texts in Pharmeuropa. 

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