Expert Vision Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Expert Vision Labs has pioneered Image Analysis Technology in India and has focus into developing, a flexible line of highly cost effective and quality software driven products for Research and Industrial customers in India and across the globe.

Established in 1995, Expert Vision Labs has strived to specialize in providing complete solutions for computer based imaging and vision related applications. Have developed the Biovis image analysis product line for diverse applications in genetics, bioscience, material science and industrial applications.

Biovis  image analysis solutions provide high degree of accuracy and reliability that are required by scientists, researchers and industry professionals who are in need of quality imaging solutions.

Browse through our Comprehensive range of analytical imaging solutions such as :

  • 1.)  Particle Size and shape Analysis system as per US FDA 21 CFR Part II compliance.
  • 2.) Hot Stage microscope with time lapse image capture system as per US FDA 21 CFR Part II compliance.
  • 3.) Advanced image analysis and processing software for microscopic and macroscopic images.
  • 4.) Metalographic analysis as per ASTM , compliance.
  • 5.) Plant Science Modules- Leaf, Root, See etc.
We also provide Customized application development for the Biovis software based on your specialized needs
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