CEO Roundtable

CEO 1100

Date: TBC

Location: TBC


A strategic gathering of industry thought leaders, the exclusive, closed-door CEO Round Table will congregate CEOs of leading Pharma companies to deep dive into thought-provoking, solution-driven discussions on key challenges around policy making, industry growth and sustainability within the industry. The pivotal proposals thus established, will result in the presentation of a White Paper Report to policy makers. 
This top-notch forum organized by CPhI under the Leadership stream of Pharma Week will comprise CEOs from leading Pharmaceutical companies, key technology providers, and policy makers.

The CEO Roundtable involves:

  • Unique closed door gathering of over 20+ industry leaders and key stakeholders
  • Policy makers and key association stakeholders
  • Brainstorming sessions on pressing issues in the Pharma industry
  • Compilation of results in a strategic whitepaper that will be released to the market

For more details or to register your interest contact:

Ritesh Indulkar
T: +91 22 6172 7076
M: +91 966 421 9292 
E: [email protected]

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