4th Pharma Ratna Awards


 A Star-Studded Celebration of the Pharma Industry

New Delhi, Dec 1, 2019: By Mansi Dholakia.

The 4th Pharma Ratna Awards 2019 were held on 25th Nov 2019 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Rohini, New Delhi.
From Hollywood celebrities to research scientists, from pharma regulators to manufacturers, from the most senior members to having new ones join in, the event carried its own class and style. The event was organized by Rab Di Meher, a national NGO; founder members – Mohammad Shahbaz Alam and Advocate Anita Shahbaz. They have together built a strong platform which showcases the best of the pharma world and honors their contribution by felicitating them with the prestigious Pharma Ratna trophy and a certificate.

The presence of “Big Joe” as they call him, our very own Joe Egan, a renowned Hollywood actor, boxer and a huge celebrity star, brought all the needed jazz to the hall. Joe Egan has done over 50 Hollywood films, worked with actors from around the world and deserves such applause for being so kind and patient with everyone.

The elite line up continued and the who’s who of every profession from each field had graced the event making it even more beautiful. Some of the big names from the industry involved Cara Turner, Brand Director CPhI,  Mohammad Ayaz Alam, Scientist UK, Dr. Rakesh Gollen, Director Synteract USA, Dr. Aruan, CEO, PPC USA, Alihussain, MD Moraf Tanzania, Sandeep Patel, Director Ambe UK, Dr. Ranjita Shegokar, Director Capnomed Germany, Daara Patel, Secretary General IDMA, B.R. Sikri, Chairman FOPE, D.C. Jain, Chairman Akums, Dr. L.K. Lath, Drug Controller H.P, P.K. Mattu, Dy. Commissioer, FDA Punjab, Adarsh Goyal, DDC, Haryana, Dr. Khalid Khan, ADC Karnataka.

The event started with the rhythm of the National Anthem beating in our hearts and lighting of a lamp by the honorable chief guests and members. The welcome speech was given by Mansi Dholakia, a renowned writer and pharmacist from Oxford University introducing the Pharma Ratna Awards 2019. Followed by it was a fascinating introduction into the world of Hollywood, sharing his personal experiences and journey, a rather informative and beautiful speech given by Joe Egan. The thunderous applause from the audience showed how much his words impacted everyone present.

However that wasn’t all. What stood out in the entire event were the informative and rather amazing panel discussions; which involved having a panel of 5 members to discuss various pharmaceutical issues from around the globe. Each panel represented a particular geographic zone. There were 3 panel discussions, one for Africa, one for Europe and the USA, and finally one to discuss the possibility of business developments between India and Kyrgyzstan. The audience really enjoyed the questions and the brief insight into each of the topics carefully chosen by Shahbaz Alam. Each panel member was also diligently chosen and they brought their own experience and merit to the table. Moderator Moxesh Zota, Dr. Wasif Khan and Shahbaz Alam covered the talks very well.

A beautiful speech given by Adv. Sushant Mahapatra was also one of the highlights of the evening where he brought to the table various regulatory issues involving the drug safety in pharma domain. His simplicity and various insights into resolving them were noteworthy.

The evening wasn’t all about speeches and talks. There were some singing and dancing performances which kept the audience in a light mood as well. A beautifully laid out buffet kept the tummies happy and what followed was an amazing welcome speech by Shahbaz Alam, the founder member. He talked briefly about every topic and the recent possibility of doing business with Kyrgyzstan. His humility, simplicity and his “moving forward together” attitude won the hearts of everyone present.

Another highlight of the day was the presence of Cara Turner, Brand Director of CPhI who spoke about the pharma issues globally and how they can be resolved if all the countries joined hands together. Medicines should not have boundaries. They should be freely allowed everywhere around the globe. Her American accent wasn’t at all a barrier in understanding the emotion hidden behind her words.

The afternoon was all about honoring the members of the pharma community with the prestigious awards and felicitation. Every member receiving the awards, was so graciously thankful for it and there was an infectious happiness in the air. There were also various stall exhibits put up to discover new ranges of products. The mingling of various bodies under one roof was the need of the hour. This was very well achieved by Shahbaz Alam by bringing such talent to showcase together.

All in all, the event was a massive hit among the pharma industry. And all the credit goes to the Pharma Ratna team who had planned meticulously and organized such a huge event effortlessly and with ease. The vision of Shahbaz to honor talent and to bring together all the pharma community is indeed praiseworthy. “Relation brings Revenue” is his mantra and so far it is definitely a true statement as one can see Rab Di Meher scaling new heights each year.

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