Interview with Gerteis Maschinen + Processengineering AG

Dipl. Ing. BA Hartmut vom Bey graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the Cooperative State University Lörrach, Germany. Since his start at Gerteis in Maschinen + Processengineering AG in 2002, he has travelled to India numerous times. His current role is Vice President of Sales and Technology.
Here are Hartmut vom Bey's views on the Indian pharma market.

What are the emerging innovations in your sector? And how does that translate into the India pharma landscape?
Roller compaction is a comparably new process in the pharmaceutical industry. Indian pharma companies can highly benefit from fast progressing R&D, followed by simple transfer to manufacturing, giving them a competitive advantage.

How has your company embraced innovation?
Gerteis has always spearheaded evolution in dry granulation with permanent improvement of our roller compactors. Good examples are our customer projects in which roller compactors are part of continuous manufacturing lines or some of our high containment machines.

Do any barriers to innovation exist? If so, how may they be overcome?
With innovation and changes coming from all sides, it is difficult to keep track on all developments. Training of employees is surely the way to overcome this difficulty.

Taking the above into account, why is the pharma market in India so vital to global progression?
To put it in a nutshell: India has proved its ability to manufacture pharmaceutical products on a high quality standard with economical price levels.

One year from now, what advancements in the sector do you hope to see?
Changes and adaptations in the pharma industry are mostly triggered with the formulation processes.

How can CPhI & P-MEC India support this vision?
For us at Gerteis, P-MEC India is our yearly highlight as it gives us the perfect opportunity to stay in touch with our customer base and get to know about their plans and needs. We are looking forward to welcoming them at our booth.

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