CPhI Japan Connect FAQs

The attendee profiles range from purchasing, procurement, research, Bio, chemical manufacturer to R&D.

No, you cannot. The seminars which will be held onsite will not be published online.
However, we will host other seminars which will be accessible through the CPhI Japan Connect platform.

No, you cannot. The system allows for one account per email address.

Exhibitors: you need to join the exhibition as an exhibitor.
Visitors: register for the exhibition to receive your online account.

You can register through this link
It may take a couple of days to receive the invitation email to join the online platform.
Please be advised that the sender of the email will be: [email protected]

First, please check your junk mailbox as the invitation could be there. If you cannot find it, please email the contact below and request a resend of the invitation email.
Email address: [email protected]

One company can have 3 representatives in total.

10 images per company profile.

Image specs:
• File size:50MB / 1 picture
• Picture size: 250px
• Type: jpeg, png

Video size:300MB / 1 video
Type: MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, FLV, etc. (please be advised that you cannot change your thumbnails)

On CPhI Japan Connect platform there is no functionality to display your status.

However, if you’d like to connect with other attendees please check their schedule to see if they booked timeslots for meetings.

Yes, if you go to the schedule on their profile. However, the details of the meeting will not be shown.

No. They must set up the meeting by themselves. You can add them into the meeting that you have set up by sending a meeting URL to your online meeting on the platform.

By searching with keywords and search tags. Therefore, please ensure that you have completed your company’s profile. Please be advised that you can edit your company’s profile at any given time.

By messaging and sending a meeting request to the desired contact. Please check the contact’s availability prior to sending the request.

You can view meeting requests in the chat box which is located on top right-hand corner of the page or in your
schedule. Additionally, please check your mailbox as you will be sent a notification to the registered email address.

Yes. It will be shown in the chat box and in your schedule.
Additionally, please check your mailbox as you will be sent a notification to the registered email address.

No, you cannot. You can only connect with them on the platform’s chat function.
However, you can view more information by clicking on individual visitor’s profile. 

No, you cannot.
However, you can go to the schedule tab to see all your meeting appointments.

By searching visitors that you want to connect with. Click on their profile and send messages in the chat box which is located in the right-hand corner of the page.

Yes, you can. To start the conversation simply write a message to the person you’re interested in conversing with.

Yes, you can by sending the meeting URL to other people who want to join.

Whenever you want. You can enter the meeting right after you confirm the request, and you can also start the meeting as scheduled.

Check if you’re allowed to use your microphone and camera on your device. Also check pop-up notifications at the start of the meeting. There should be a message on how to turn on the audio.

There is a “Share Screen” button at the bottom of the page to share your screens.

Yes, you can.
For example, you can send a Zoom meeting URL in the platform’s chat and host the online meeting with the clients on Zoom.