Informa Markets, producer of the CPhI and Pharmapack Europe exhibitions, has launched Global Pharma Insights, our dedicated platform providing news, features, interviews and in-depth analysis on issues impacting pharmaceutical supply chains. 

The pharmaceutical product lifecycle is a complex process with several touchpoints that needs to balance efficient deployment of essential medicines to patients with strict safety compliance, in one of the world’s most heavily regulated sectors.

The global emergency that is COVID-19 has exerted even more pressure on pharmaceutical supply chains, as the industry races not only to develop potential vaccines and therapies for the virus in record time but also to scale up manufacturing to make these treatments available to a global population.

Each year we unite more than 100,000 pharmaceutical professionals through exhibitions, conferences and online communities. Global Pharma Insights provides information to aid effective decision making in all the following sectors and more:

  • Drug development (pre-clinical and clinical)
  • API sourcing and procurement
  • Drug manufacturing and outsourcing
  • Pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery
  • Pharmaceutical distribution
  • Cell and gene therapies
  • Cell and gene therapies
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning

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Event Related News

2020 Event Cancellation

CPhI North America 2020 Cancellation Announcement

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, and in consultation with key stakeholders across the pharma community, CPhI North America has made the difficult decision to cancel the live event in Philadelphia, originally rescheduled for September 9-11, 2020.
This conclusion was not one that was reached easily, but with the health and safety of our community in mind, we have made the proactive decision to act now, allowing our industry partners enough time to adjust their plans. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: Moving beyond efficiency gains in drug development

Is the pharma industry making the most of AI’s potential when it comes to accelerating and enhancing pharmaceutical drug development? The utilisation of artificial intelligence (AI) by the pharmaceutical industry is gathering pace rapidly. The technology has evolved beyond simple neural networks and machine learning towards a deep learning approach geared at producing insights which should in theory enable better business decision making.

Unlocking the potential of cannabinoid-derived drugs

Unlocking the potential of cannabinoid-derived drugs

FDA approval of GW Pharmaceuticals’ Epidiolex® is widely considered to be a landmark in cannabinoid-derived drug development. Not only is Epidiolex® the first FDA-approved drug that contains a purified drug substance (cannabidiol) derived from the Cannabis sativa plant (marijuana), but it is also the first FDA approved drug for the treatment of patients with a rare and severe form of childhood epilepsy, Dravet syndrome.

Looking beyond the one-shop-stop hype: what really drives CDMOs

Looking beyond the one-shop-stop hype: what really drives CDMOs

Pipeline diversification, emerging therapies and shifting customer demands are the real dynamics reshaping the contract manufacturing market, according to experts. Almost every article written about contracting reports that demand for outsourced manufacturing services is growing and states that the CDMO sector is consolidating.

Leadership Lessons: How Empathy Can Inspire Great Leadership

Leadership Lessons: How Empathy Can Inspire Great Leadership

Empathy is the ability to understand another person’s feelings and perspectives. By taking the time to relate to others, you build trust,
encourage honesty and open up communication lines. Not only does this create an environment where everyone can fulfil their potential, it also provides far greater scope for innovation.

Bioprocess and Continuous Manufacturing

Bioprocess and Continuous Manufacturing

The biopharma market has enjoyed near exponential growth over the last few decades, which has boosted total revenues by over 6,000% from USD 4 billion since the 1990s to $275 billion today. With biopharmaceuticals now comprising 25% of the total pharma market, the pressure is on to maintain this growth and innovation.

The Future of Drug Manufacturing

The Future of Drug Manufacturing

As the pharmaceutical industry tirelessly seeks to accelerate its medicines to market, drug manufacturing remains a key opportunity area for it to reduce costs and  improve quality. The technology advances promised from Pharma 4.0  -- such as big data, interconnectivity, robotics and artificial intelligence -- and smart manufacturing techniques have given business leaders greater visibility into their pipelines and processes.

The Future of Drug Development and Delivery

The Future of Drug Development and Delivery

The biopharmaceutical industry is at a crossroads when it comes to drug development. On the one hand, this time-intensive process of navigating a molecule successfully through the preclinical and clinical stages all the way to market has been saddled with high capital costs and stringent regulation; two factors that justify both a risk-averse approach and an urge to rein in R&D expenses.

Person hand's filled with pills

US Pharma Outlook: Ten Trends to Look Out For in 2020

With CPhI North America fast approaching, we asked several industry experts what they see as the main trends emerging across the US pharma supply chain this year.

Pharma Outlook: 10 Trends to Look Out For in 2020

It would be disingenuous to claim 2019 was a revolutionary year for pharma as it continues its journey towards a patient-centric model.

The Future of Medicine: What are the therapies of tomorrow?

As biopharma heads towards a new decade, extracting value from innovation remains a key theme in medicines development. 

Digital technology the key to pharma supply chain efficiency gains

Players in the pharmaceutical value chain will need to fully harness cutting-edge digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and cyber-security solutions to make greater efficiency...

Can Pharma Expect More Skilled Worker Visas in the Future? Don’t Count on It, Says Former Senator Jeff Flake

Can Pharma Expect More Skilled Worker Visas in the Future?

We sat down with the former senator shortly before his address to discuss the trajectory of another potent topic: immigration reform. Despite their indispensable role in the pharma supply chain, the ability of U.S. companies to hire the best talent from around the world has recently been thrown into doubt.

The Jefferson Institute of Bioprocessing

Training the Next-Generation of the Biomanufacturing Workforce at the Jefferson Institute of Bioprocessing

The biomanufacturing industry is in the midst of a serious shortage of skilled bioprocess engineers, limiting productivity and the field’s ability to innovate and expand. For the industry to grow and accommodate revolutionary new drug modalities, like CAR-T therapies, far greater emphasis needs to be placed on training and retaining skilled workers.

Alise Cortez

Engaging and Inspiring the Next Generation of Biopharma Leaders

Alise Cortez, Ph.D., is an Engagement and Purpose Catalyst based in Dallas. She designs and delivers professional development, leadership, and engagement workshops. She is a speaker, consultant, author, industry thought-leader, and host of VoiceAmerica’s “Working on Purpose” radio show.