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US Pharma Outlook: Ten Trends to Look Out For in 2020

With CPhI North America fast approaching, we asked several industry experts what they see as the main trends emerging across the US pharma supply chain this year.

Pharma Outlook: 10 Trends to Look Out For in 2020

It would be disingenuous to claim 2019 was a revolutionary year for pharma as it continues its journey towards a patient-centric model.

The Future of Medicine: What are the therapies of tomorrow?

As biopharma heads towards a new decade, extracting value from innovation remains a key theme in medicines development. 

Digital technology the key to pharma supply chain efficiency gains

Players in the pharmaceutical value chain will need to fully harness cutting-edge digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and cyber-security solutions to make greater efficiency...

Can Pharma Expect More Skilled Worker Visas in the Future? Don’t Count on It, Says Former Senator Jeff Flake

Can Pharma Expect More Skilled Worker Visas in the Future?

We sat down with the former senator shortly before his address to discuss the trajectory of another potent topic: immigration reform. Despite their indispensable role in the pharma supply chain, the ability of U.S. companies to hire the best talent from around the world has recently been thrown into doubt.

The Jefferson Institute of Bioprocessing

Training the Next-Generation of the Biomanufacturing Workforce at the Jefferson Institute of Bioprocessing

The biomanufacturing industry is in the midst of a serious shortage of skilled bioprocess engineers, limiting productivity and the field’s ability to innovate and expand. For the industry to grow and accommodate revolutionary new drug modalities, like CAR-T therapies, far greater emphasis needs to be placed on training and retaining skilled workers.

Alise Cortez

Engaging and Inspiring the Next Generation of Biopharma Leaders

Alise Cortez, Ph.D., is an Engagement and Purpose Catalyst based in Dallas. She designs and delivers professional development, leadership, and engagement workshops. She is a speaker, consultant, author, industry thought-leader, and host of VoiceAmerica’s “Working on Purpose” radio show.