At the heart of Pharma

CPHI North America opens online and in-person with a new look! Have a sneak peak at the new branding in the video on top. The new branding was created to inspire partnerships at the heart of pharma, making more connections and making them count.

You will experience the new branding when you log into our online platform and at our in-person event.

Our Brand Story

As the leading global community for pharmaceutical professionals, CPHI hosts online and in-person connection opportunities across the entire pharma supply chain on a scale like no other. 

Everyone working in pharma plays their part in improving the world’s health while building sustainable businesses. Real progress only comes from effective collaboration, and by learning, connecting and developing across people, places and products. At CPHI, we believe in actively inspiring proactive partnerships.

At the beating heart of a dynamic industry, we create more connections and, critically, we make them count. From expanding our ‘go-to’ events and conferences, to growing our online community and providing data-enabled marketing solutions, we’re activating more potential by pushing the boundaries of opportunity, sustainability and growth.

Join the CPHI Family

Download our Event Mobile App

Download the Event Mobile App to get the most out of your CPHI experience. You can manage both your online and in-person schedule with ease on your own device! The App brings everything happening at CPHI North America together in one place. Important meetings, event details and speakers schedules will be at your fingertips. You will also be getting an exclusive sneak peek at our new branding!