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Discover the diverse voices of Pharma–Join the conversation
Nélio Drumond
Associate Director, Global Manufacturing Sciences
Carletta Calahan
Patient Advocate
Tiffany J. Hamilton, MBA
AVP, Head of Corporate Communications
Alise Cortez
Gusto, Now!
Chief Ignition Officer
Dr Marielle Weintraub
Eurofins Food Chemistry Testing
Director of Scientific Strategy- OTCs & Contaminants Testing
Demetria Johnson
D&I Early in career Partner – Americas


Location: Room 201A | Date: May 7th 2024

14:30-14:55 (EST)
The Role of Diversity in Shaping the Future

The pharmaceutical industry's reputation greatly improved during the pandemic, an era that not only underscored its critical contributions but also shone a light on the imperative need of embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Motivated by both social movements and the unique demands of the pandemic, the industry's commitment to DEI underscores its significance not just for enhancing corporate reputation, but also for ensuring fairness and respect within the workplace. We invite you to join us in a session designed to delve into:

• What do we mean by Diversity?

• Current State of DEI in the Pharma Industry

• Future Trend Outlook

15:00-15:25 (EST)
Discussion: The Voices of Women in Pharma

An open conversation with two women at different stages of their careers in pharma. The discussion will delve into the diverse experiences, challenges, and opportunities facing women in our industry. Prepare for a discussion that will explore the evolution of gender diversity, personal and professional growth strategies, and the shifting industry landscape.


15:30-15:55 (EST)
Discussion: Driving Patient-Centricity Through Diversity

How can we become truly patient-centric? This session will explore strategies for deeper collaboration between big pharma and patients, set against the backdrop of an evolving healthcare landscape where patient voices are key to innovation.

Explore dynamic pathways for incorporating patient insights into drug development, featuring an industry leader and patient advocate, discussing strategies for empathetic understanding, effective collaboration frameworks, and the role of transparency and innovative technologies in building trust and measuring impact.

16:00-16:30 (EST)
Connect & Cultivate: Growing your network

Stay with us for an opportunity to network with speakers and attendees, while enjoying delicious high tea.

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