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Breakfast Session: Patient-Centric Dosage Forms
Empowering patients with next-gen therapies

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Srinivasan Shanmugam
Adare Pharma Solutions
PhD, Executive Director, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Business Support, & New Technologies


Location: Room 201A | Date: May 7th 2024

08:30-09:45 (EST)
Enhancing Acceptance and Adherence in Special Populations

The challenge of ensuring medication acceptance and adherence is particularly acute in special populations such as pediatric and geriatric groups. These populations exhibit distinct pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic profiles due to their unique age-related physiological and biopharmaceutical characteristics.

Consequently, the standard approaches to medication formulation often fall short in addressing their specific needs. This presentation will explore the unique aspects of pediatric and geriatric populations, highlighting the limitations encountered in the design and development of dosage forms tailored for them, and how those challenges are overcome. A significant focus will be placed on the strategies that can be employed to overcome these challenges, with an emphasis on Adare’s platform technologies.

These strategies aim to create patient-centric dosage forms that not only cater to the specific requirements of these special populations but also significantly improve their acceptance and adherence to medication regimens, Through this discussion, we aim to shed light on the critical factors that must be considered in the development of effective, patient-friendly pharmaceutical formulations for pediatric and geriatric patients.


  • Srinivasan Shanmugam, Adare Pharma Solutions | PhD, Executive Director, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Business Support, & New Technologies
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