Why Exhibit | P-MEC China

Why to exhibit at P-MEC China?

P-MEC China is a key opportunity to maintain and build relationships with new and existing contacts, and accomplish months of business over just a few days. 

Exhibiting at P-MEC and its co-located events allows you to:

  • Strengthen relationships with existing business partners
  • Showcase your products and offer your services to over 45,000 attending local and regional manufacturers, suppliers, distributors or buyers
  • Share your knowledge during one of more than 80 on-site conferences and seminars
  • Network with C-level experts
  • Target the relevant audience by exhibiting in dedicated product zones for pharma machinery, packaging machinery, pharma packaging, laboratory equipment and more

Where do P-MEC China visitors come from?

China visitors breakdown

P-MEC China visitors' profile

Visitors' job role:

  • 20% General Managers/ Directors/ Chairmen
  • 19% Department heads/ Project Managers
  • 15% Purchasing Managers
  • 11% Research and Development Managers
  •  7% Technical Managers and others

Companies' business type

What companies visit the show?

  • Medical companies
  • Import/ Export companies
  • Packaging/ Machinery Manufacturing companies
  • BioPharmaceutical companies
  • Pharmaceutical Production companies and others

Product zones | P-MEC China

A wide range of sectors are represented across P-MEC China's product zones, allowing you to target and meet a relevant audience. These zones include areas for:

  • API machinery
  • Preparation machinery
  • Packaging machinery
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Pharma Packaging materials
  • Environmental protection and Clean Room technology
  • Pharma Logistic and more