About the Event | CPhI South East Asia

CPhI South East Asia was launched in 2012 as an extension of the worldwide leading event for the pharmaceutical ingredients: CPhI, to serve the South East Asia region with more focus. South East Asia is a region with high growth and great potential. The total population is about 560 million people with developing healthcare access and consequently needs for medicine also rises creating a huge opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry. The addition of P-MEC in 2013 served to highlight the growth of the finished dosage and generics sectors, which is currently being driven by rapid growth in the manufacture base of South East Asia. The introduction of InnoPack further extended the scope of the event by bringing a focus to the important role that packaging plays in product development, safety, dosage and dispensing.

Indonesia is chosen as the host country for this year; given the fact that it is the largest economy in South East Asia, one of the top three market for pharmaceutical products in the region, importing over 95 per cent of its ingredients for production. CPhI South East Asia bridges the buyers and sellers, providing sourcing channel for pharma manufacturers in finding good and reliable suppliers and establishing business contacts for suppliers who are seeking to expand their market in this region

The global CPhI portfolio centres on driving growth and innovation across the diverse sectors of the pharmaceutical industry. As part of this initiative, CPhI South East Asia debuted in 2012 to highlight the vibrant ASEAN market and offer attendees and exhibitors direct access to a region with strong government support for pharmaceutical production, a large population of prospective customers and a dynamic and growing economy. 

The location in Indonesia is unique, as it offers a first hand look into the ongoing harmonisation happening across the ASEAN region. Indonesia is currently the world’s fourth most populous country with over 255 million people. This is a market that can bring significant benefits to our customer base, with CPhI South East Asia providing a unique opportunity to engage with industry leaders and decision makers from the region.