Innovation Gallery 2019

Epson Moverio BT-300

Epson (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Booth no. K14
Epson Moverio BT-300

The BT-300 is highly recommended as it offers easy management and operation of multiple units for large-scale deployment. Its rugged built, comfortable ergonomics and flexible design also makes it suitable for various head sizes. 

Healthcare – Master the art of professional healthcare. Perform intricate surgical procedures with information displayed for training or assistance.

SheffCoat™ TF


Booth no. H4
SheffCoat™ TF

In the global dietary supplement market, consumer demands for cleaner labels continues to drive the development of new and innovative products.

SheffCoat™ TF is Kerry’s new TiO2 free coating system. it has been developed to match the pleasing aesthetics of a white or colored tablet, that is normally associated with TiO2 based film coatings.

Sevoflurane Medisorb

Medisorb Pharmaceutical Company

Booth no. LB13
Sevoflurane Medisorb

"Sevoflurane Medisorb" is used as an inhalational anesthetic for induction and maintenance of general anesthesia.

It is the anesthetic with the fastest onset and offset and one of the most commonly used anesthetic agents, particularly for outpatient anesthesia, across all ages, as well as in veterinary medicine.


Olic (Thailand) Limited

Booth no. H2
Sterile injectable products
Terminally sterilize injectable products in glass vial and plastic vial (COC: cyclic olefin polymer) manufactured in new high technology and innovative facility of OLIC (Thailand) Limited.

Using automated equipment including formulation system with fully CIP/SIP, vial washing, vial sterilization & depyrogenation tunnel, filling, crimping, terminal sterilization, vial inspection, vial labelling, and packing line with GS1 DataMatrix coding.