Chang Woo Suh

Chang Woo Suh - PT Daewoong Infion
President Director
PT Daewoong Infion


President Director of PT. Daewoong Infion in Indonesia

Jl. Raya Kasri No. 153, Desa Tawangrejo Kec. Pandaan 67156 Indonesia

Tel: +62-813-3324-2224, E-mail: [email protected]


Chang Woo Suh is President Director of PT. Daewoong Infion and Research Director of the Life Science Research Center at Daewoong Pharmaceutical, which has the largest prescription drug sales in South Korea. An industry expert in biotechnology and applied biochemistry, Chang Woo Suh has spent more than a decade on the drug development side of the life sciences industry, generating major biotechnology products such as epidermal growth factor, human growth hormone, botulium toxin, and erythropoietin for the South Korean and East Asian market place. Now he is working in Indonesia to set up new Biological GMP factory and technical transfer. He attended Hanyang University, where he earned a B.S. and an M.S. in chemical engineering and a Ph.D. in biochemical engineering. As a former senior scientist of protein chip studies at Hanyang University, He was on the cutting edge of protein microarray technology, which has shown great potential in basic research, diagnostics, and drug discovery.





Present             President Director of PT. Daewoong Infion in Indonesia

2010                Head of Bioresearch Team in Research Center

2006                 Head of Research Management Team

2004     Project Manager of New Biologics



Position:           Post Doc.

Company:         Microbiochip Center, Hanyang University (Korea)

Responsibilities: Senior scientist of protein chip studies



Position:                       Director, Web Contents

Company:         Asadal Inc. (Korea)

Responsibilities: Web contents (domain, hosting, design) development



Position:                       Staff Sergeant, Land Forces

Army:               Military (Korea)




1998.03–2002.03           PhD in Biochemical Engineering, Hanyang University

1996.03–1998.02           MS in Chemical Engineering, Hanyang University

1989.03–1996.02           BS in Chemical Engineering, Hanyang University




2009.01                         Medical Representative (KPMA)

2007.05                         Project Management Professional (PMI)

2006.07                         R&D Project Management and Evaluation (KOITA)

2005.06                         Quality Control & Quality Assurance (KPMA)

2004.12                         cGMP Master Course (KFDA)




2009     Medical Representative (KPMA, Korea)

2007     Project Management Professional (PMI, USA)

2006     Certified Value Advisor (KVA, Korea)






1. Global Production of Biologics (2012.09 ~ present)

 1) Role and Responsibility

   - Director of Bio GMP Factory in PT. Daewoong Infion, Indonesia

   - Construction and managing the Bio GMP factory

 2) Achievement

   - Construction of New Bio GMP factory in Indonesia (2014.12)

   - Technical Transfer from Korea to Indonesia factory (2015.10)

   - Registration of Erythropoietin, BPOM (2016.12), KFDA (2017.02)

   - Production and Sales of Erythropoietin (EPODION)


2. Development of Biological Products (2008.04 ~ 2012.08)

 1) Role and Responsibility

   - Head of Bio Research Team

   - Development of New Biologics

 2) Achievement

   - Easyef (EGF) ointment approval (2010.03)

   - Eposis (EPO) development approval (2009.12)

   - Caretropin (hGH) development and approval (2009.06)

   - Novosis (BMP-2) development and approval (2011.03)

   - Nabota (BTX-A) development and approval (2013.12)


3. R&D Project Management (2004.11 ~ 2008.03)

1) Role and Responsibility

   - Applying IT based enterprise project management system (EPM) into R&D center

   - Supporting R&D: Project evaluation, purchasing, HR, and etc

   - Operating R&D decision committee: approval new project, milestone decision

2) Achievement

   - Installation EPM system and management (2005)

   - Increase compliance with the schedule rate from 68% to 93%

   - Drop the non-core project about 20%


4. Project leader (2004.02 ~ 2004. 11)

1) Role and Responsibility

   - Development of new biologics

2) Achievement

   - Development of trombopoietin (TPO)


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