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Avalon Pharma

  • Making our customers healthy and happy will give us sustainable growth and allow us to invest in R&D, manufacturing and talents.
  • Develop, manufacture and commercialize successfully generics, biosimilars, consumer medicines and cosmeceuticals which meet the needs of public and private healthcare system in KSA and the MENA region whilst building a strong Saudi corporate brand, state-of-the-art know how, capabilities and talents in R&D, manufacturing and commercialization.
Bormioli Pharma

Bormioli Pharma

Bormioli Pharma exclusively serves the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical market with integrated glass and plastic containers, closures and accessories for packaging. This includes transparent and amber bottles in Type I, II, and III glass for a range of dosage forms, as well as child-proof and tamper-evident closures. These products are developed to guarantee drug integrity and improve patient quality of life. Bormioli Pharma is ISO 9001 and ISO 15378 (GMP) certified and registered with the main international control organizations.




  • A proprietary solution delivering by far thehighest load Omega-3 powder in its class
  • Ongoing stability studies demonstrate oxidation values that are best in class
  • Instantly available free fatty acids for bioavailability 3 – 5 times more than Ethyl Esters
  • Significantly higher bioavailability results even when taken as part of low fat diet
  • Includes an additional dose of the amino acid Lysine, an essential nutrient
  • Free flowing powder form for easy handling, with various enetric coating options
  • Comprising a high load, Omega-3 Lysine complex ideal for direct compression
  • Clear U.S. regulatory position, and made in the EU for high-quality standards
DFE Pharma

DFE Pharma

SuperTab® 40LL

Mini-tablets are a great example as they allow pediatric and geriatric patients improved comfort in taking their medicines, increasing their compliance, and there by improving their health. However, the economical production of mini-tablets does put a strain on the formulation. On the one hand the formulation and excipients therein need to be highly flowable to allow for an even filling of the inherently small die cavities and to allow for fast(er) speed tableting. On the other hand it needs to be compactable to reduce capping tendency whilst still maintaining high drug loads. Lastly, it needs to have a high dispersability to maintain content uniformities.

Shedir Pharma

Shedir Pharma 


The Shedir Pharma constellation is about to be enriched by two new stars: FLUBEXIN® A ISO & FLUBEXIN® A 3 are about to join our portfolio of respiratory Medical Devices with new and patented formulations.

FLUBEXIN® A is a line of Medical Devices 100% Made in Italy.

FLUBEXIN® A can be administered both as nasal instillations and as nasal douches; it is recommended for:

  • Cleaning of nasal cavities;
  • Rhinitis and Sinusitis;
  • Rhinopharyngitis;
  • Tubotympanitis;
  • Supporting pharmacological treatment of the upper respiratory tract.