JP Japan
Stand No: C2

Who are we? Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd. was established in 1970, the No.1 Japan based Placental extract product manufacturer for over 60 years. We are a commercial stage specialized pharmaceutical company engaged in R&D, manufacturing and sales of placenta derived products. What is Laennec? Our core product is called "Laennec inj", which is an ethical injectable human placental hydrolysate for treatment of hepatitis and cirrhosis. The product has been approved in Japan, Russia, Mongolia, Korea, Azerbaijan and Georgia. The product has been in the market for over 40 years in Japan and we are the market leader for placenta-derived pharmaceuticals. What makes Laennec so special? HGF (hepatocyte growth factor) promotes the proliferation of hepatic parenchymal cells for recovery of a damaged liver. Our product safety is ensured by the most rigid safety measures among existing scientific standards. Molecular weight distribution is from 100 Dalton to more than 10,000 Dalton. This result brings the unique and various kinds of efficacy which separate us from other placental extract products.


Few more things, Just in case you are more familiar with cosmetics or supplement products, we would like to introduce the following products which we are sure they would bring benefit to your fellow customers. Our world leading technology and know-how enable us to manufacture a series of supplement and cosmetics aiming at exactly what the customers need, Anti-aging! What do we want? We are currently looking for a regional pharmaceutical companies/distributors who can support us in (1) registration and (2) sales and marketing of our biopharmaceutical “Laennec inj”, targeting chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, ALD and NAFLD. Other commercial assets include “Curacen inj.” for improvement of climacteric disorder.

Zone: CPhI

Hanbon Sci. & Tech. was established in 1998 and It is the largest Professional Manufacturer of Chromatography Solutions for Discovery, Development and Production in your Industries. We specially focus on the products research, methods development, preparative HPLC and DAC column manufacturing and also SMB(simulated moving bed)related equipment. In 2005, the first Chinese DAC column with our own Chinese patents was developed by Hanbon and In 2006, the first Chinese SMB equipment for Sugar,Chiral separation with our Chinese patents was developed by Hanbon in China. In 2009, Hanbon built up the first Bioprocess Control center and help clients control the bioprocess. In 2012, the first ATEX preparative HPLC system with our Chinese patents was successfully developed by Hanbon.


Our Services:

1. Process Development and Control;

2. Supply of Chromatography Purification equipment/Instrument and Turnkey process from Lab scale to Industrial prodcution scale;

3. Contract Custom Manufacturing;

4. URS design/FAT/SAT/DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ documentations.


Our Focus:

1. Pharmaceutical and Bio-pharmaceutical Industries;

2. Chemical Industries;

3. Food and Functional Ingradients;

4. Biotechnology Industries.


Hanbon can supply of the cost-effective and sustianable solutions and equipment for your separation and purification. We provide chromatography solutions for any compounds separation technologies from analytical throughout scaling up into the Industrial production scale, as well as the technical services support. Hanbon warmly welcome you to visit our preparative chromatography factories and R&D.

Zone: CPhI
CN China
Stand No: A9

Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine Co., Ltd., established in 1970, is not only the front-runner in China’s innovative medicine, but also a well-known R&D base of antineoplastics and surgical medicine in China. Taking the slogan that “Technology as the basis, and innovative healthy life”,Hengrui Medicine is dedicated to research, developing, and promoting innovative medicine with high quality. We aim to help doctors solve clinical problems, help patients be cured, and help improve the standard of health for all humanity. Hengrui Medicine focuses on fulfilling the unmet clinical demands, promoting innovation in technology, and serving the health of humanity. Hengrui Medicine invests 10% of its annual turnovers in research and development, and has constituted a thorough innovation system with R&D centers and clinic departments in New Jersey, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Lianyungang.


The company specializes in the research and development of new medicines in areas of antineoplastics, endocrine system, cardiovascular, and the immune system. The diversification of products, comprehensive product lines, and the pursuit of innovation endow us with great competitive advantage. Hengrui Medicine is committed to producing high quality medicines to help more patients have access to better and affordable medical resources more timely. Adhering to the highest level of the US FDA management standards to manage the production, Hengrui Medicine is the first pharmaceutical enterprise that sells domestic injection doses overseas to Europe, US, and Japan. By taking global coordination, we have been creating more value for our patients and stake holders, and curbed the rapid increase of global health care cost. Hengrui Medicine now produces and sells injection doses, oral dosages, and many other types of medicine in the EU and US markets. No matter it is in cities or rural areas, we are more accessible to patients, clinicians, and business partners.

Zone: CPhI

Jiangsu Hualan New Pharmaceutical Material Co., Ltd was the most famous manufacturer in the pharmaceutical rubber industry. We were established in 1992 and have two factories in Jiangyin and Chongqing. Our main products include film coated rubber stoppers, rubber stoppers for antibiotics/ infusion/ lyophilization/ isoprene rubber closures, blood collection tube rubber stoppers etc. Hualan Group hope to establish long-term cooperation relationship with more medicine enterprises!

Zone: CPhI

Jiangsu Simcere Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was “the top 100 Chinese Pharmaceutical Companies” for consecutive years. In 2009, our montmorillonite powder product successfully passed EU GMP certification and started exporting to Europe. We now own over 50 products that cover Oncology, Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular, Anti-infection, Rheumatology and other therapeutic areas. We have three products (Endostar®, Sinofuan®, Iremod®) that were the first-to-launch in the world, and six products (BICUN®, ZAILIN®,  ANTINE®,  YEQING®, JIEBAISHU®, Newanti®) that were the first-in-class in China.

Jiangxi Chunguang Pharma Packing Material Corp. Ltd, was established in 2006 in FengCheng, and a hi-tech company specializing in the design, R&D, production and sales of pharma packing. In order to develop the international market and east China market, Shanghai Chunyi Pharma Packing Material Co., Ltd was founded in early 2014. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangxi Chunguang Pharma Packing Material Corp. Ltd.The main product includes PVC rigid film, PVC/PE & PVC/PVDC laminated film, PVC/PE/PVDC high-resistance laminated film, PVC/PVDC/PE film, pharm PTP foil etc, which are widely used in food and pharmaceutical packaging industry.

Zone: CPhI

As one of the leading manufacturers of vitamins, Tianxin is always dedicated in developing, manufacturing and marketing trustworthy products and providing efficient service. We aim to succeed together with our global customers and partners. The company has a long-term cooperation with many renowned universities and research institutes, and it also has a professional technical team composed of Ph.D.s, Masters and Bachelors.

In addition, the company has modern equipments and instruments for pharmaceutical, up-to-date manufacturing process, production lines in strict compliance with GMP, rigorous management systems as well as state-of-the-art control and testing techniques. Honesty, loyalty to law, respecting each other, communication, practicalness and innovativeness are our faith. Our goal is not just being good or becoming the best, but better and better. We are in search of excellence and striving for ever vitality of the Tianxin brand. We are willing to partner with you and contribute to human health together with you.


Jiangyin Sunshine Import and Export Co., Ltd. is one of the best manufacture & trade company in china which specialized in working on pharma packing material since 2001, Our mainly product is :

  • Butyl rubber stoppers for injection/ lyophillous/ infusion.
  • All kinds of FOS. Alu caps, Tear off caps
  • Moulded glass vials for injection from 05ml to 100ml
  • Moulded glass vials for infusion from 50ml to 250ml
  • All sizes of tubular vials .ampoules
  • All Varieties of syrup bottle. Tablet bottle .and its related caps
  • Essential oil bottle and its related caps  
  • WZD series automatica Riveting Machine
  • WZD series assembly Machine for Vacuum Blooding Tube
  • WZD series assembly Machine for flip off caps with stoppers or rubber disc
  • WZD series assembly Machine for I.V. Plastic Container Sealing caps (Pull-off)
  • WZD series Automatic Washing & Drying Machine
  • QCX ultrasonic bottle washing machine
  • KCSB Ultrasonic Bottle Washing Machine
  • GMS Drying Tunnel
  • YGR-D Microcomputer-control volumetri liquid bottle filling machine
  • ZD-S-120 Full-automatic Three-Blade Lid sealing machine
  • ZD-IV microcomputer undried glue Labeler
  • ZD-II-120 Microcomputer double-head packing machine
  • YY2-2-A Eye drops Bottling and screw capping machine
  • XG60 screw Capping machine
  • YGR-2B Microcomputer-control volumetric liquid filling machine
  • ZD-D-250 rotary single-blade capping machine

All of our sub-companies have passed the ISO9001 international Quality System Certification and ISO14001 Environment Management Authentication. Our company is aiming at our business philosophy - safe and effective, service, focusing on high quality, perfect service. Practical price to meet customer’s demands. We will keep going to pursue the best quality and reputation to service the customers all over the word.

Jiaozuo Zhongwei Special Products Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a well-know and active PVP manufacturer in China with 6500 mt/year capacity, who is focused on the PVP (Polyvinylpyrrolidone) R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service. The company is an ISO9001:2000 certified company, with CEP certifications of our Povidone and Crospovidone series, Drug-production Enterprise Licence and Kosher Certificates. Our company is your reliable source for high quality PVP polymers. We are so glad to establish the business relations with you in the near future.