Farmak JSC

Farmak International JSC is the leader among all pharmaceutical manufacturers presented in Ukraine with more than 90 years history. Farmak keeps the first position in the Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry with 16.8% market share between local manufacturers and 6.50% share of the whole Ukrainian pharmaceutical market. 25% of finished medicines are exported to CIS countries, Baltic States, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Vietnam and Middle Asia etc. The company's portfolio of products includes more than 130 products which are applied in different fields of medicine such as: endocrinology, ophthalmology, contrast media, cardiology, great portfolio of OTC products with accent for respiratory diseases treatment, etc.  We are open for various types of cooperation, such as export of our products in-bulk (unlabeled) and in finished dosage forms, transfer of technologies, in- and out-licensing, R&D, contract manufacturing and always looking for new possibilities for cooperation. In 2010 we have launched a new aseptic workshop for manufacturing of products in vials, ampoules and pre-filled syringes. In 2014 new soft gelatin capsules workshop was launched due to expansion of the company's operations. In 2015 Farmak has launched GMP-compliant API synthesis facility in Shostka. It is a modern complex with manufacturing sites, quality control laboratory, and logistics center.  Also in 2015 Farmak has launched into operation a new R&D laboratory and technology facility in Kyiv.  The full cycle implementation: from development of new medicinal products to the manufacture of laboratory, pilot, and clinical batches in compliance with GMP requirements will enable Farmak to produce new science-intensive drugs.     All manufacturing lines are GMP certified by Ukrainian governmental inspection according to PIC/S and by European authorities from Poland, Croatia and Germany. In 2013 Farmak JSC was also inspected by US FDA and received FDA's confirmation of food supplements in solid dosage forms.


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