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Hanbon Sci. & Tech. was established in 1998 and It is the largest Professional Manufacturer of Chromatography Solutions for Discovery, Development and Production in your Industries. We specially focus on the products research, methods development, preparative HPLC and DAC column manufacturing and also SMB(simulated moving bed)related equipment. In 2005, the first Chinese DAC column with our own Chinese patents was developed by Hanbon and In 2006, the first Chinese SMB equipment for Sugar,Chiral separation with our Chinese patents was developed by Hanbon in China. In 2009, Hanbon built up the first Bioprocess Control center and help clients control the bioprocess. In 2012, the first ATEX preparative HPLC system with our Chinese patents was successfully developed by Hanbon.


Our Services:

1. Process Development and Control;

2. Supply of Chromatography Purification equipment/Instrument and Turnkey process from Lab scale to Industrial prodcution scale;

3. Contract Custom Manufacturing;

4. URS design/FAT/SAT/DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ documentations.


Our Focus:

1. Pharmaceutical and Bio-pharmaceutical Industries;

2. Chemical Industries;

3. Food and Functional Ingradients;

4. Biotechnology Industries.


Hanbon can supply of the cost-effective and sustianable solutions and equipment for your separation and purification. We provide chromatography solutions for any compounds separation technologies from analytical throughout scaling up into the Industrial production scale, as well as the technical services support. Hanbon warmly welcome you to visit our preparative chromatography factories and R&D.

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