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GB United Kingdom
Stand No: V197

Carbosynth focuses on manufacturing carbohydrate building blocks and peptide coupling reagents. A key technology is the production of unnatural carbohydrates and nucleosides. Carbosynth also provides custom synthesis and contract manufacturing services. Carbosynth is the exclsive worldwide distributor for CMS Chemicals catalogue carbohydrates and fine chemicals. Carbosynth also has its own facilities including a joint laboratory in Beijing at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. This laboratory focuses on oligosaccharides as well as other complex saccharides. Carboynth is also in the process of finalising a joint kilo laboratory in Shanghai.

Datwyler's sealing solutions division is a focused leading supplier of bespoke sealing solutions to global market segments, such as the automotive, healthcare and consumer goods industries etc. Within the healthcare industry, our main focus is on delivering innovative solutions for vaccines, diabetic care and biotechnology. With a global manufacturing footprint, sales in over 100 countries and more than 5000 employees, the company generates an annual revenue in excess of 500 million Euro. Contact data:
Datwyler Pharma Packaging International NV, email: healthcare@datwyler.com.

DE Germany
Stand No: H2

The Glatt Group has been involved in powder technology for over 50 years and has become renowned as one of the world's major manufacturers in fluid beds for the pharmaceutical industries, specialising in techniques for solid product forms for the food, feed, pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries.Besides pilot and production equipment for both batch and continuous processing Glatt has further extended to a wide range of processing lines, offering product and process development, contract manufacturing, plant design and engineering services.