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AAIPharma Services Corp. and Cambridge Major Laboratories have joined to form a world-class supplier of comprehensive pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services.

Our family of companies delivers reliable partnership and superior value by providing access to comprehensive services – from early phase studies to full-scale (commercial) production of APIs and finished dosage forms. In addition to our development capabilities, our network of regional analytical testing laboratories located in St. Louis, MO; Edison, NJ; Durham, NC; and Wilmington, NC provides industry-leading turn-around-times. Integrated programs combined with scientific expertise, high-quality facilities and effective support services maximize scientific and project interaction at each phase and expedite drug development.

US United States
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Published by the American Chemical Society, C&EN is the authoritative B2B news source in the chemical enterprise and related sciences. For over 90 years, C&EN has provided scientists, engineers, and R&D professionals around the globe with timely news coverage including the latest technologies, tools, and trends that serve the pharmaceutical, life sciences, industrial chemicals and instrumentation industries. C&EN readers work in industrial, academic and government laboratories driving R&D. C&EN's integrated network includes custom supplements, robust webinar programs, and 13 pharma/bio related online journals that along with C&EN Online attract more than 23 million unique visitors each year.

US United States
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Adare Pharmaceuticals transforms medicines, creating new possibilities for improved patient health. We have expertise in overcoming complex formulation challenges and adding valuable IP to new and existing products—resulting in medicines that deliver greater value to all stakeholders, while meeting the needs of patients. We have the ability to transform drug formulations using our proprietary technologies, developing novel Rx and OTC products. Adare is uniquely suited to unlock the potential of more medicines, helping patients to maximize the benefit of their treatments. We are committed to partnering with innovators in the pharmaceutical industry.

Visit www.AdarePharma.com and experience a partnership that's truly transformative.

US United States
Stand No: 2D-09

Agno Pharma is a global pharmaceutical contract research and manufacturing organization (CRO & CMO). Agno Pharma engages in the research,  development,  manufacturing,  sourcing,  marketing and distribution of chemically and biologically derived pharmaceutical intermediates,  APIs,  nutraceuticals,  and fine chemicals. Agno Pharma is a fully integrated company with in-house business development,  R&D,  manufacturing and regulatory compliance capabilities. Agno Pharma is your strategic CRO & CMO for your drug discovery,  development,  and commercialization.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: V197

Carbosynth focuses on manufacturing carbohydrate building blocks and peptide coupling reagents. A key technology is the production of unnatural carbohydrates and nucleosides. Carbosynth also provides custom synthesis and contract manufacturing services. Carbosynth is the exclsive worldwide distributor for CMS Chemicals catalogue carbohydrates and fine chemicals. Carbosynth also has its own facilities including a joint laboratory in Beijing at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. This laboratory focuses on oligosaccharides as well as other complex saccharides. Carboynth is also in the process of finalising a joint kilo laboratory in Shanghai.

CordenPharma is your full-service partner in the Contract Development & Manufacturing (CDMO) of APIs, Drug Products and associated Packaging Services. Through a network of fully-inspected cGMP facilities across Europe and the US organized under six technology platforms – Peptides / Lipids / Carbohydrates, Injectables, Highly Potent, Small Molecules, Antibiotics, Oncology - CordenPharma experts translate complex ideas at any stage of development into high-value products.  


Datwyler's sealing solutions division is a focused leading supplier of bespoke sealing solutions to global market segments, such as the automotive, healthcare and consumer goods industries etc. Within the healthcare industry, our main focus is on delivering innovative solutions for vaccines, diabetic care and biotechnology. With a global manufacturing footprint, sales in over 100 countries and more than 5000 employees, the company generates an annual revenue in excess of 500 million Euro. Contact data:
Datwyler Pharma Packaging International NV, email: healthcare@datwyler.com.

DE Germany
Stand No: H2

The Glatt Group has been involved in powder technology for over 50 years and has become renowned as one of the world's major manufacturers in fluid beds for the pharmaceutical industries, specialising in techniques for solid product forms for the food, feed, pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries.Besides pilot and production equipment for both batch and continuous processing Glatt has further extended to a wide range of processing lines, offering product and process development, contract manufacturing, plant design and engineering services.

FI Finland
Stand No:

Orion Corporation is the leading pharmaceutical company in Finland, which develops, manufactures and markets pharmaceuticals, active pharmaceutical ingredients and diagnostic tests for global markets. The pharmaceutical division Orion Pharma is present in 17 European countries. Orion has been building well-being since 1917. Orions core expertise areas in pharmaceutical research are selected target proteins, enzymes and receptors in Central Nervous System Diseases, Cardiology and Critical Care, Urological and Oncological Therapies. Orion Businesses: Proprietary Products, Specialty Products, Animal Health, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (Fermion), Diagnostics Orion Services: CRAMS, Contract manufacturing, Partnering, In and outlicensing - Orion Your Partner of Choise

FR France
Stand No:

PCAS, a leading Fine Chemical company, operating 8 chemical plants in Europe & North America, offers worldclass services related to process development and manufacturing from k-labs to ton scale: - Raw Materials synthesis in dedicated facilities with or without cGMP guidelines. - Custom Manufacturing of Key Intermediates and APIs. Tacking advantage of 40 year experience in multi-steps organic synthesis, we make available a broad range of processes and chemistries as well as biocatalysis technology solutions taking advantage of robust, cost efficient and greener processes. A dedicated marketing team is ready to address your inquiries and help you to find an appropriate solution.

DE Germany
Stand No:

PHARMA ACTION has been building on its global API manufacturing & marketing expertise since 1988. Now we are proud to present the world's first GMP-certified Crude Heparin factory operating under pharmaceutical production license - redefining Heparin safety through complete traceability and transparency in the supply chain.

PHARMA ACTION theapicompany, founded in 1988, has extensive expertise in global pharmaceutical marketing and the manufacturing of pharma raw materials. PHARMA ACTION offers a number of general services for the pharmaceutical industry including: - a fully equipped GMP service hub - tailored API procurement solutions - pharmaceutical business development solutions - viral safety studies for apis - the sourcing of preferred APIs. As an API manufacturer based in Berlin Germany, PHARMA ACTION is also your first point to call for Heparin and Heparinoid.

Thermolab a renowned brand in manufacturing and exporting of Stability Chambers, Walk-in Chambers, Photostability Chambers, Ovens , Incubators, Cooling Cabinets, Autoclaves and Deep freezers… now launches 'Hyzone class II Microbiological Safety Cabinet' as per EN 12469:2000. THERMOLAB Group Company also offers calibration, validation and testing services for plant and machinery.



DE Germany
Stand No:

Heraeus Chemicals specializes in the development and production of generics and contract manufacturing of New Chemical Entities. Focused on anti-cancer hAPIs, we offer technical expertise; ranging from precious metal compounds to organic chemistry. As leading global supplier of precious metal catalysts and organometallics we create high-quality solutions for our clients.