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In 2019, the brand new bioLIVE China will be launched, as an upgrade from the seven-year-old biopharmaceutical platform BioPh China. bioLIVE China 2019 will focus on life science & technology and innovative drugs, aiming to  lead industrial trends and booster development in the biopharmaceutical area.

Leading the Pharmaceutical trends in Asia

The biopharmaceutical industry is entering a blooming new age. The sales of biopharmaceutical drugs are expected to exceed 1/3 of the overall drug sales income. As per the statistics by InSight, the registrations of domestic bio drugs counted for 616 in year 2017, which exceeded the highest in the recent 5 years.
As is predicted by Frost & Sullivan, the market size of China’s bio drugs will reach 326.9 billion RMB, with its increase rate ranking among the highest countries in the world.

World-Class Annual Gathering of International Buyers

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The bioLIVE zone is a gathering of high-end pharmaceutical ecosystem with half of attendees having decision making power

• Manager/Project Manager/Head of Department 30.09%
• CEO/President/Board Member/General Manager 19.60
• R&D 16.67%
• Technician/Engineer 11.79%
• Product Manager 7.64%

New at bioLIVE China 2019

• Hot issues delivered: Bioscience, Biotechnology, New drugs and Bioprocessing & Manufacturing, etc.
• Showing cutting-edge products and technology in biopharmaceutical industry
• Multiple types of sharing: keynotes, case studies, panel discussions, road shows, etc.
• 50+ eminent speakers from biopharmaceutical industry
• 800+ pharmaceutical elites attending

Exhibitor profiles

Biologics and New Therapies
• Recombinant Protein
• Polypeptide
• Nucleic Acid
• Vaccines
• Plasma
•  Antibodies
•  Cell and Gene Therapy
•  Tumor Immunotherapy
•  Stem Cell & iPS

Bioprocessing, Manufacturing and Solutions
•  Cell Culture Media
•  Biological Reagents
•  Laboratory Consumables
•  Bioreactors
•  Bioseparation
•  Protein Purification
•  Bioprocessing
•  Software and Service

Biotechnology and R&D services
•  Molecular Biology
•  Cell Biology
•  Proteomics and Metabolomics
•  Biotechnology Service Platform
•  Detection Services
•  Biology Information Services
•  Drug R&D and Manufacturing
•  Clinical Research

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