EP & Clean Tech China

Gather Pharma Cleanroom Technical Equipment and Environmental Protection Solutions

EP & Clean China is a dedicated platform showcasing both cleanroom tech equipment and pollution control machinery for the pharma industry. Over 100 Chinese and overseas exhibitor brands will showcase their products, solutions and etc. in Hall N4.

Cleanroom Tech Brands

Air filter | Clean clothes & material | Clean air conditioning | Cleanroom doors and windows | Clean stainless steel equipment | Clean room project management | Cleanroom engineering design | Cleanroom installation Cleanroom certification


Environmental Protection Solution Brands

Effluent Treatment | Emissions Treatment | Wastes Treatment | VOCS waste gas treatment equipment and technology | Waste gas adsorption devices | Sewage treatment complete sets | MVR evaporators Membrane separation technology | Sludge treatment equipment | Filter press equipment | Monitoring equipment


Please visit the official website: http://en.pmecchina.com/ for more exhibition information. We look forward to meeting you at SNIEC on June 18-20, 2019!