ICSE China

With its cost advantage and increasing R&D capability, China has gradually become a priority sourcing hub for multinational pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies. The establishment of new policies has also created tremendous opportunities for the CRO & CMO industry in China.

Moreover, the development of innovative new drugs has become the focus of the pharmaceutical companies nowadays. With the gradual release of China's R&D demand, the pharmaceutical industry will face intensify reform. In the next few years, China's pharmaceutical R&D outsourcing industry will usher in new development opportunities and become an important part of the pharmaceutical R&D industry chain.

Exhibitor Profiles

Contract Research:

  • Custom Synthesis
  • Regulatory Services                    

Contract Manufacturing:

  • Process R&D
  • Intermediate Synthesis


  • Clinical Research
  • Other Related Services


  • Process Scale-up / Optimization
  • Preparation Production


  • Medicinal Chemistry



  • API Synthesis

Exhibiting Brands