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International Contract Services Expo (iCSE) China is the international exhibition zone for outsourcing services in the pharmaceutical industry. This zone is the connection between buyers and sellers in the market of pharmaceutical contract services and acts as an international platform for companies and a wide variety of outsourcing services, including clinical trials, IT, research, biotechnological, logistical and analytical services. 

iCSE China in a golden period of development

The rise of the innovative drugs and the sustained growth of global medical expenditure. The emerging CRO & CMO market represented by the Asia-Pacific region is now in a golden period of development, with a compound of more than 20% growth rate per year at the forefront of the world.

iCSE China 2019 will provide a unique trade platform for eminent exhibitors and over 70,000 visits from home and abroad to discuss about the future of pharmaceutical R&D and outsourced services in CRO & CMO.


World-Class Annual Feast Gathering International Buyers

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A gathering of high-end pharmaceutical ecosystem with half of attendees having decision making power

•  Manager/Project Manager/Head of Department 30.09%
•  CEO/President/Board Member/General Manager 19.60%
•  R&D 16.67%
•  Technician/Engineer 11.79%
•  Product 7.64%

New at iCSE China in 2019

•  Exquisite Conferences with Hot Issues: R&D of New Drugs, Biotech, New Trends of CRO&CMO, etc.
•  30+ Concurrent Pharma R&D Events Deliver Latest Trends of the Industry
•  60+ Eminent Speakers from Pharmaceutical and CRO & CMO Industry
•  Multiple Types of the Events: Summit, Seminar, Plant Visit, Interview

Exhibitor Profile

Contract Research
• Custom Synthesis
• Biotechnology
• Clinical Research
• Medicinal Chemistry
• Regulatory Services
• Other Related Services

Contract Manufacturing
• Process R&D
• Process Scale-up/ Optimization
• API Synthesis
• Intermediate Synthesis
• Preparation Production

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