NEX China

NEX is a dedicated zone showcasing the latest natural extract products, applications and solutions. The exhibition scale is expected reach a new height: more than 550 industry leading enterprises will showcase the latest products and technology ranging from plant extracts, animal extracts, health product raw materials, supplements, and TCM raw materials, covering each market segment of the plant extract industry.

As “Healthy China 2020” is being incorporated into China’s national strategy, the consumption demand on health products continues to grow. Natural extract, as an “aggregate” belonging to the pharmaceutical, fine chemical and agriculture industry, plays an important role in the larger health industry chain.

With the ever higher requirements on market segmentation and product innovation, China’s market is expected to expand further. An emerging group of Chinese enterprises in natural extract manufacturing, sales and solutions is seeking to go abroad and collaborate with international partners.

Exhibitor Profile

  • Plant Extracts
  • Food & Beverage Ingredients
  • Supplements of Functional Raw Materials
  • Dietary Fiber                                            
  • Animal Extracts
  • Herbal Teas
  • Cosmetics & Beauty Raw Materials
  • Additional Agents
  • Health & Nutrition Foods
  • Medicinal Plants

Exhibiting Brands


Featured products by NEX 2018 exhibitors: