P-Logi China

Intelligent Upgrading of Pharmaceutical Logistics Equipment, Rapid Development of Cold Chain Transport Market

How to meet the high efficiency, timeliness, and quality safety requirements, etc. of pharmaceutical transportation through automatic and information technology and equipment This is a common challenge to pharmaceutical enterprises, and upgrading logistics equipment capacity has become an inevitable choice thereof. Pharmaceutical logistics enterprises also need to help pharmaceutical enterprises achieve regulated and automatic operations of the logistics transportation process with the help of key technology and equipment.

P-Logi 2019 and 5th Cold Chain Pharma will take place at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) together with CPhI China on June 18-20, 2019. They will join hands with the concurrent Pharma Automation & Information Zone, a special block of P-MEC China, to unlock new development opportunities of the “intelligent pharmaceuticals” era for intelligent logistics and storage, and bring you an international, high-quality annual event of the pharmaceutical logistics industry!

Eight Scopes to Cover the Whole Industry Chain of Pharmaceutical Logistics





Gathering Well-known Pharmaceutical Enterprises of the Industry, Building an Event of Pharmaceutical Logistics

P-Logi 2019 and the concurrent CPhI China and bioLIVE China will link with each other, run through the whole pharmaceutical industry chain, gather Chinese and overseas well-known pharmaceutical enterprises and biopharmaceutical enterprises, and set up a platform for providers of logistics storage and transportation equipment as well as providers of cold chain services to directly communicate with persons in charge of logistics and supply chain of pharmaceutical enterprises.

Over 2,000 API and intermediate enterprises, over 150 biopharmaceutical enterprises, and some 10,000 pharmaceutical manufacturers from over 120 countries and regions will gather at SNIEC, including AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, GSK, Sanofi, Bayer, Sinopharm, Jinghua Pharmaceutical, Tonglian Group, Apeloa Kangyu, Kaifeng Pharmaceutical, Roche, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding, CSPC, Livzon Pharmaceutical Group, Fosun Pharma, Gan & Lee Pharmaceuticals, Peking University Sinobioway, Shenzhen Mellow Hope, Changchun GenSci, Dongbao Enterprise, 3SBio, Zhejiang Peptites, Chengdu Shengnuo, and Xiamen Amoytop, etc.


Cold Chain Pharma to Gather Experts

Concurrently with the exhibition, the host will invite Chinese industry experts to enter into dialogues and discussions in relation to pharmaceutical cold chain regulations, market trends, policy interpretation, and comparison of overseas logistics regulations, etc. in association with China Pharmacy Cold Chain Alliance and Beijing Royal Sino Cargo Co., Ltd. The meeting will attract the participation of over 100 professionals in the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical cold chain transport industries, to promote implementation of standardization in pharmaceutical cold chain and transport industry, and boost pharmaceutical cold chain industry to upgrade and be geared to international standards.


Please visit the official website: http://en.pmecchina.com/ for more exhibition information. We look forward to meeting you at SNIEC on June 18-20, 2019!