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Sustainable solutions: making a global impact


How we're doing it

01 Running an environmentally responsible event

02 Running a socially responsible event

03 Inspiring sustainable development

Choices that determine the future

Strategic partnerships and collaborative working practices drive success in three key areas of sustainability.

Running an environmentally responsible event

We aim to work with suppliers whose values align with our own. Everything we draw in from the supply chain needs to meet our sustainability criteria.



Continuously reducing single-use plastic at the event

Better Stands program implemented across CPHI events to reduce single-use displays

Utilizing digital alternatives to printing

Running a socially responsible event

As part of our commitment to positively impact our host cities, we support local businesses and empower local communities.



Donating to Philadelphia charity iPraxis to support disadvantaged middle school students in exploring STEM learning, with $2500 raised so far

Encouraging sustainable travel choices around our events through clear communications and carbon offset purchases

Redistributed untouched food from the staff office to the local community

Inspiring sustainable development

Through our community, purposeful partnerships and meaningful content, we provide guidelines to help all stakeholders put sustainability at the heart of their business.



Amplifying a diverse array of voices on our Center Stage and Product Innovation presentations

Utilizing new and developing technology to ensure our events support our customers focus on their own sustainability goals

Feature areas and Start-up Market showcasing the latest trends and innovations of tomorrow


What we’re doing in Philadelphia

1 Reducing waste to landfill

2 Donating to local charities

3 Utilizing digital options over print

Be inspired to make the change
Be inspired to make the change