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China’s evolving API industry and the impact of GMP regulations

China’s evolving API industry Regulatory reforms are reshaping China’s API industry, fuelling consolidation and increasing compliance costs which has significant implications for the domestic market...
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The Global Animal Health Market Showing Growth, CPhI China to Help Veterinary Drug and Feed Enterprises Integrate with the World Market

The market size of the global veterinary drug industry has grown steadily in recent years driven by the sustained growth of global population and its demands for food, with the global veterinary drug...

The Chinese Pharma Market continues flourishing

China has become the second largest consumer of medicine in the world as well as the world’s biggest exporter of APIs. The main business income of China’s nearly 5,000 API and preparation enterprises...

China pharma trends and news

General Market Trends: China remains the major emerging market for multinational pharmaceutical firms. According to the American Cancer Society, there is a rise in cancer prevalence in China. As a...

TCM Law to be Introduced Soon! A Market worth RMB 1 Trillion to Come!

TCM Law is finally coming! Wang Guoqiang, Deputy Director of National Health and Family Planning Commission of the P.R.C. and Commissioner of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of...
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Gathering Plant Extract Multi-Field Solutions, NEX 2017 will assist Enterprise Transformation

As "Healthy China" becomes part of China's national strategy, people look forward to leading a healthier life and the consumption demand on health products has been gradually fueled. Natural extract...
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Focusing on Pharmaceutical Product Safety, InnoPack China Helps to Build a “Firewall”

With the gradual recovery of the global economy, the industry upgrading, reconstruction brought by the development of science and technology, enterprises focusing on drug quality, safety and...
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Trends in China’s pharmaceutical packaging market

With its sheer size of 1.364 Billion population the China Pharmaceutical market offers huge opportunities as more and more people gain access to medicine, not only Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM...
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BASF Opens PVP Facility in Shanghai

BASF announced on Sept. 27, 2016, the opening of a new plant for the manufacturing of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) at the BASF site in Shanghai, China. The plant will produce PVP K30 powder, a polymer...
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Emerging economies to take over US in global generics market

Emerging economies including Brazil, Russia, India, China, Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Turkey pose a threat to the dominance of the US in the global generics market, according to a survey by GBI...
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China in Urgent Need of High-End Overseas Pharmaceutical Excipients and Packaging Materials; a Market of Tens of Millions of Dollars

A series of harsh regulations have been issued by the Chinese government during the first half year of 2016, requiring all generic drugs already available in China to be reassessed on whether their...

CPhI China 2016 Exhibitors offering Anti-Cancer Products

CPhI and P-MEC China 2016 will open its gates in two weeks for the 16th consecutive year. This year we offer you the opportunity to explore the area of over 160,000 sqm metres and network with over 2...