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Seize the Strategic Market of the Livestock Industry, and Build an Integrated Professional Platform for Veterinary Drugs

26/02/2019 Industry News
Animal Health & Feed Zone of CPhI China 2019 to Build a New Benchmark for the Industry Size of the global veterinary drug market continues to grow as the market continues to develop. According to...

Annual Industry Report 2018

30/01/2019 Industry Reports
The CPhI Annual Report is a comprehensive and critically important publication that analyses key trends and innovations forecast by our panel of world class experts. Running as a series of opinions...

Pharma Outlook: 12 Trends to Watch in 2019

18/01/2019 Industry News
What does 2019 have in store for Pharma? We asked industry Thought Leaders to name one disruptive trend or technology that will have a significant impact on the market in the year ahead. Will pricing...

Gather Well-known Pharmaceutical Enterprises, Practice Green Pharma

24/12/2018 Industry News
The environmental protection (EP) tax has been formally levied since 2018 in China. Differences in EP tax burden will eventually lead to differences in terms of product price and production scale,...

Gather Pharmaceutical Biochemical and Analytical Instruments, Focus on Cutting-edge Laboratory Technology

24/12/2018 Industry News
The General Plan of China Food and Drug Administration for Key Laboratories (2018-2020) issued by China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) in the first half of 2018 proposes to basically form a key...

Focusing on the Advanced Productivity in the Pharmaceutical Field: the P-MEC China 2019 to Arrive with Glory

24/12/2018 Industry News
As an extension of P-MEC brand and a world famous pharmaceutical machinery exhibition in China, P-MEC China hosted by CCCMHPIE and UBM EMEA and co-sponsored by UBM Sinoexpo has taken root in China...

Gather Clean Pharmaceutical Technical Equipment, Assist with Green Production of Clean Plants

24/12/2018 Industry News
Regulation and standards for “clean plants” have become increasingly higher in recent years as China’s pharmaceutical R&D and production industry develops rapidly. EP & Clean Tech China 2019...

Intelligent Upgrading of Pharmaceutical Logistics Equipment, Rapid Development of Cold Chain Transport Market

24/12/2018 Industry News
How to meet the high efficiency, timeliness, and quality safety requirements, etc. of pharmaceutical transportation through automatic and information technology and equipment is a common challenge to...

Proceeding with Quality, Sharing Opportunities: InnoPack China 2019 Invites You to Forward Together

24/12/2018 Industry News
Still scratching your head, wondering about “which materials are fit for pharmaceutical products” and “how to improve the humanized design of drug delivery devices”? The most suitable products will...

Chinese API Market Growing Strongly, CPhI China Assisting Enterprises with the Transformation, Innovation, and Comprehensive Upgrading

21/12/2018 Industry News
As China continues to advance from a big country in pharmaceuticals to a power in pharmaceuticals, and the global economy maintains good trends, the main business income of API manufacturing in China...

bioLIVE China 2019 to be Newly Upgraded, to Lead the Development of the Bio-Pharma Technology in Asia

21/12/2018 Industry News
The bio-pharma industry has entered the new stage of rapid development in recent years with the continuous development of the cutting-edge biological technology and the emerging and marketing of new...

NEX China Helping Enterprises Explore New Directions as Plant Extract Market Rises Rapidly

21/12/2018 Industry News
With the improvement of people’s living standards and the transformation of consumption structure, the focus on diseases has shifted from simple treatment to prevention in recent years. Plant...