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FI Finland
Stand No: 90F68SSP
Our patented, safe and unique Acetium products, patient-friendly GastoPanel blood test and BIOHIT quick tests provide a purpose-built range for gastrointestinal diagnosis and stomach health. Our core competence is based on early diagnosis and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases binding carcinogenic acetaldehyde from stomach and saliva innovative Point-of-Care quick tests aimed to gastroenterologists Our clinical trials are aiming at prevention of migraine type headache treatment of atrophic gastritis indications and smoking cessation
Biophore, an established pharmaceutical company is engaged in the development and manufacture of niche pharmaceutical products for generic industry.Within a decade since inception in 2007, Biophore has emerged as a trusted partner in generic industry across US, Europe and other regulated markets. Biophore's product range is diverse and balanced with NCE, Branded products and grandfather products. Biophore's portfolio spread across 30 therapeutic segments, is specialized in development and manufacture of pharmaceutical actives for Oncology medications, Contrast and Diagnostic media. For updated list of products, send an email to info@biophore.com
Sub-event: CPHI
Zone: API
CH Switzerland
Stand No: 110F30
Biosynth is a manufacturer and distributor of organic fine chemicals in the field of enzyme substrates, indole derivatives and speciality chemicals for microbiology, molecular biology, diagnostics, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, food and environmental testing.
EBInnovĀ® research laboratory is organized around four areas of expertise:- 1. Innovation- Creation of active ingredients or excipient. 2. Production- Optimization of the production of natural or synthetic substances. 3. Formulation-Design and validation of methods for the formulation and sensory evaluation of pharmaceutical products. 4. Prevention- Evaluation of industrial and environmental risks, product protection The EBInnovĀ® lab includes all the scientific activities of the faculty and students of the EBI. From research to entrepreneurship, teachers carry out work connected to the problems of our application areas. EBInnov has facilities dedicated to each of its R & D activities organized in technological platforms and laboratories. Each facility is equipped with all the hardware for performing the techniques necessary for research and applications. They can be used for pedagogical manipulations, but also to development projects or research, or be used by the incubated companies or companies with a need for technology transfer.
Your North American Specialty Pharmaceutical Partner Methapharm is a privately held specialty pharmaceutical company with a focus on the acquisition, licensing, and promotion of healthcare products in North America. We market our own proprietary products as well as partner with global companies to deliver a comprehensive line of specialty products in the USA and Canada. As an integrated specialty products company, we offer our partners sales and marketing, distribution, market access, regulatory, quality, medical, and pharmacovigilance capabilities in North America. We are part of the ACIC group of companies which operate in the fields of API and finished product development, manufacturing, and supply. Come visit us at CPhI - or contact us to make an appointment.
Sub-event: CPHI
Zone: API
Shenzhen Mellow Hope Pharm Industrial Co Ltd, specializing in exporting biological products, has grown to be one of the biggest exporters of vaccines and bio-pharmaceuticals in China after ten-year of unremitting efforts. Mellow Hope cooperates with many well-known biological institutes and companies in the Research & Development of new products and introductions of new technologies, as well as conducts registrations, carries out clinical trials, promotes and markets products around the world. In order to meet different market demands and standards, Mellow Hope has created a unique and effective operating model to supply the global customers with a series of high-quality and innovative biological products. Mellow Hope is on its way to be one of the world-famous biological product operators. While promoting its biological products vigorously in the international market, Mellow Hope is also trying its best to bring high-end biological products and technologies to the Chinese market. Serum Institute of...