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IN India
Stand No: 40D68
A small group of Rubber Technologists, Management Graduates and Chartered Accountants came together and gave birth to Ami Polymer Pvt Ltd. The company started operations in 1996 to manufacture the distinguished, technically innovative and challenging import substitute Silicone and Viton Rubber Products for most precious and intricate applications mainly for the for Food, Pharma, Medical and Heavy Engineering, Thermal Power Stations and PSUs. Today, the company holds a strong customer base and enjoys a high reputation among the major pharmaceutical giants in India and our products are exported to the overseas customers as well.
Sub-event: PMEC
Zone: PMEC
FR France
Stand No: 101C66
Dedicated to What Matters ANGUS Life Sciences, the world's only fully integrated manufacturer of TRIS AMINO buffers, provides high-quality production chemicals for biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications. With complete raw material traceability, reliable global supply, specialized testing, and custom packaging solutions, our dedication to providing the best products for your pharmaceutical and biotechnology R&D, scale up and production is more than just an ongoing commitment. It's what we do.
FI Finland
Stand No: 90F68SSP
Our patented, safe and unique Acetium products, patient-friendly GastoPanel blood test and BIOHIT quick tests provide a purpose-built range for gastrointestinal diagnosis and stomach health. Our core competence is based on early diagnosis and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases binding carcinogenic acetaldehyde from stomach and saliva innovative Point-of-Care quick tests aimed to gastroenterologists Our clinical trials are aiming at prevention of migraine type headache treatment of atrophic gastritis indications and smoking cessation
AR Argentina
Stand No: 101A66
Biosidus, is an Argentina-based company pioneer in biotechnology, which for three decades have been developing and producing top quality recombinant proteins. Since the launch of epoetin in 1990, Biosidus has increased its presence worldwide across Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. Today, we are selling our products in more 45 countries worldwide. This also includes our own presence in strategic markets through JVs. Biosidus's portfolio consists of eight key recombinant human proteins across the therapeutic divisions of Nephrology, Hematology, Multiple Sclerosis, Endocrinology, Oncology and Hepatitis: epoetin, filgrastim, lenograstim, interferon beta 1a, somatropin, teriparatide, interferon alfa 2a and interferon alfa 2b. Together with this, we have the following products in different stages of development: peginterferon alfa 2a, pegfilgrastim, interferon beta 1a (30 mcg intramuscular), interferon beta 1b and agalsidase. Recently, we have enlarged our portfolio by including generic products (small molecules) to our Onco-Hematology, Oncology and Immunosuppressive areas...
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: 92H79
Harmonium Pharma is a multinational company based in London, focused only on diabetes, which provides products and solutions for the daily management of this disease.Differently from other players focused on the management of hyperglycemia and on medical instruments (insulin, hypoglycemic, glucometers, strips, needles, insulin pumps), Harmonium Pharma provides a range of products which help day-by-day people with diabetes to manage aspects such as hypoglycemia, lipodystrophy, foot care, fingertips care, need of low glycemic index foods and prevention of complications such as neuropathy and retinopathy.
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: 42N45
A private specialist biotech company, Nemaura Pharma is strategically positioned to work with global pharmaceutical companies, as well as new biotechnology companies, to successfully bring both new and old drugs to patients in superior delivery formulations and systems. Ultimately, we aim to improve patient lifestyle and quality of life. Our advanced drug delivery systems are designed to increase the effectiveness and safety of therapeutic drugs, while also reducing complications due to patient non-compliance, and mitigating the side effects of less efficient delivery systems. Minimally invasive, our systems can lead to significantly improved healthcare and patient management.
Sub-event: InnoPack
Zone: InnoPack
NL Netherlands
Stand No: 42K71
The RENOLIT SOLMED product line consists of a complete range of medical grade plastics including PVC, PP, PE and EVA based flexible films, tubings and compounds. RENOLIT SOLMED products are widely used for critical pharmaceutical applications and medical devices, including blood bag systems, IV and nutrition solution bags, dialysis systems, cell culture and bioprocess applications. Worldwide supplier for almost 50 years for the applications of blood & bloodcomponents, dialysis, nutrition, IV and biotechnology
Sub-event: InnoPack
Zone: InnoPack