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IT Italy
Stand No: 40G42
CSV Life Science serve the pharmaceutical market with engineering and construction solutions. Our services: Facility planning, engineering design, construction, equipment and plant validation, and computer system validation. CSV Life Science is the exclusive agent in Italy, Malta and South Africa for ILC Dover: specific applications based on flexible technology, custom-tailor and studied for containing high potent drugs (safety), and creating classified (GMP) or humidity controlled areas surrounding exposed operations in contamination background. In last years, CSV Life Science started to re-define the group experience: CSV Active and CSV Construction are the newest companies of the group, with a core business in intermediates and API trading and in construction management respectively.
Sub-event: PMEC
Zone: PMEC
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: 42A61
At GMP Compliance LTD we are a team of highly skilled and passionate individuals who together offer a valuable support and consultancy service to the pharmaceutical and food supplement industry in regards to Good Manufacturing Practice. We truly love what we do. We get it right in an industry where getting it wrong is not an option. Our clients feel secure in the knowledge that we have the right experience, qualifications and drive to deliver the right results. GMP Compliance LTD offer support and guidance by providing the following services:Validation Services: Computer Systems, Documentation Systems, Equipment, URS/IQ/OQ/PQ generation, Project Management, Method. Audit Services: IRCA Certified Lead Auditors, API, QP, CMO, Packaging, Pre Inspection, Gap Analysis, Cosmetic, Medical Device, ISO, Computer Systems, GMDP, GCP, PV. PQS Services: Documentation Support, QA Support, Contract QP/RP, Production Advice, Self Inspections. Technical Services: Technical Transfer, Project Management, Supplier Sourcing, Regulatory Support, Licensing Support, Excipient Risk...
DE Germany
Stand No: 111C54
As a service provider for the pharmaceutical industry, Jesalis Pharma develops crystallization and solid-state finishing processes for highly active drug substances to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical purity, bioavailability and processibility. In particular, Jesalis' cutting-edge particle engineering technologies for micro- and nano-crystallization enable the manufacture of microcrystalline particles with a narrow size distribution, leading to pharmaceuticals with superior physical and biochemical properties. Furthermore, Jesalis is particularly strong in investigating and providing solutions for API solid-state challenges originating from development and manufacturing. Jesalis Pharma also exports drugs manufactured by German pharmaceutical companies to non-European countries.
Sub-event: CPHI
Zone: API
US United States
Stand No: 41K32
Marken, the clinical subsidiary of UPS, is the only patient-centric clinical supply chain organization dedicated exclusively to the global pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, supporting over 49,000 investigator sites in more than 150 countries. With decades of experience in the logistics, transport and distribution of temperature sensitive life-saving pharmaceuticals, clinical trial supplies and specimen collection, Marken integrates standard, specialty and hybrid solutions to extend the reach of clinical trials to even the most remote, treatment-naive geographies. Our highly-trained personnel, expansive facility network and complementary technology solutions bridge the distance between patients and the essential resources of life science companies.