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IN India
Stand No: 102F50
Doshion Water Solution Pvt Ltd is A WHO-GMP approved company having EU-GMP WC. The company has been engaged in the manufacturing of a wide range of Pharma Grade Polymers (APIs & Excipients) since 1978 & exporting through out the world by providing Consistently Best Quality, Customized Formulation & Regulatory Support.Doshion is having product range like Taste masking & odor masking of bitter drugs – Polymask, Tablet disintegration agent – Polacrilline potassium USP NF – Polyflash, Gelling agent like Carbomer USP/BP/JP – PolyGEL, Coating agents for tablets for enteric and sustain release coating – PolyGIT, and Specialized APIs like – Calcium polystyrene sulfonate BP/JP, Sodium polystyrene sulfonate USP/EP, Cholestyramine Resin USP/EP. Polacrilex Resin for Nicotine Polacrilex USP Doshion is also having Food grade resin for purification and separation like Vitamin C purification, Amino acid purification & separation and some adsorbent resins. Doshion caters industries like pharmaceuticals, biotech, cosmetic, food, nutraceuticals, and...
Sub-event: CPHI
Zone: Excipients
DE Germany
Stand No: 101F72NEP
MH medical hemp is an innovative and technologically leading company, which is specialised in cannabidiol (CBD) extraction, development, production, and worldwide marketing of hemp-based cannabinoids and cannabidiol-rich products. All our products and services are based on the highest quality criteria. We guarantee our customers a high quality raw material, which can cope with the requirements of the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.