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IE Ireland
Stand No: 62D43
A&C , Your Global GMP Partner, are cGMP manufacturers of custom excipients, process solutions, buffers and active pharmaceutical ingredients. A&C has been servicing the Life Science industry since 1966, with GMP manufacturing facilities in Ireland and Canada and sales & distribution offices globally. A&C prides itself on being known as a company that provides full transparency in the supply chain which is demonstrated through our EXCiPACT GMP & GDP certification. We also have been audited by Health Canada, hold a Drug Establishment License, and our manufacturing sites are FDA registered. A&C understands the unique processes of individual manufacturers and continues to provide custom solutions to support specific manufacturing and quality objectives. Learn more at www.acggp.com
Sub-event: CPHI
Pavilion: Ireland Pavilion
IN India
Stand No: 101A22
We are known in the industry amongst the top-notch formulators of various pharma products that find usage in industries of pharma, cosmetics and many others. All these products are widely appreciated for their purity and high quality standards. Along with these products, we also offer various glass bottles, trade resins and others that find wide usage in the pharmaceutical sector.
Sub-event: CPHI
Zone: API
Pavilion: India Pavilion
CN China
Stand No: 110D51
Asambly Chemicals Co Ltd is one of the leading fine chemical suppliers in China. Asambly Chemicals specializes in international marketing of the fine chemicals from raw materials to semi-finishes, auxiliaries and custom manufacturing specialities for industries such as coating, plastic, rubber, agrochemical and pharmaceutical. All of the team members in the company are proud to bring better quality of life to people by supplying high-quality materials.
US United States
Stand No: 110F40
Cambridge Isotope Laboratories Inc is the world leader in the manufacture and separation of stable isotopes and stable isotope labeled compounds. CIL offers an array of highly pure compounds that are uniformly or selectively enriched in 13C, 15N, D, 18O or 17O. CIL offers over 15,000 stable-isotope labeled products for use as internal standards and in synthetic applications, including the manufacturing of APIs. CIL maintains one of the only privately held (non-governmental) D2O re-enrichment facilities at our isotope separation facility to further ensure continuous supply of D2O for manufacturing. CIL's capabilities range from milligram to multi-kilogram of deuterated reagents and intermediates. In addition, cGMP suites for manufacturing clinical trial grade materials (CTM) are also available. Stable isotope labeled internal standards Deuterated intermediates and API's Deuterated solvents, amino acids, carbohydrates, fatty acids, steroids, metabolites, vitamins, environmental standards Heavy-Labeled Proteins
NL Netherlands
Stand No: 111B61
Corbion is a global biochemical ingredient company with a family of proven solutions based on renewable materials and resource-efficient processes that are, above all, safe for people to use and enjoy. Corbion is a new name, but can rely on more than 100 years of experience. We are built on the rich heritage of two successful companies that have been innovator's in the food and biochemical industry: Caravan Ingredients and Purac. We lead the way in sustainable practices through the use of renewable feedstocks and our rich heritage in natural lactic acid. This forms the foundation for our biochemical applications in everything from (agro)chemicals, to resin adhesives, electronic components, pharmaceuticals, home care, personal care products and animal feed. In manufacturing we have a long history of excellence in sustainable and resource-efficient (fermentation-based) production processes across three key areas: organic acid, polymers, and emulsifiers. We do it, because we believe in...
Sub-event: CPHI
Zone: API
FR France
Stand No: 41C50
CRISTALCO is a European market leader specialising in the production, sales, and marketing of premium alcohol and sugar grades to the pharmaceutical industry, used either as an active substance or as excipient. CRISTALCO has acquired unrivalled expertise and know-how to serve the most demanding requirements of a wide range of companies involved in the formulation of pharmaceutical products. Dedicated to meeting the highest standards of the pharmaceutical industry, CRISTALCO's products are derived from the cultivation of agricultural raw materials and renewable feedstocks. CRISTALCO is committed to provide a comprehensive package of solutions to its customers from product development to delivery.
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: 110F58
Haymankimia are experts in supplying and packing premium alcohols, APIs and Excipients throughout the world. Our wide variety of high quality pharmaceutical ingredients and solvents are used in demanding pharmaceutical applications and conform to the main pharmacopoeia monographs – We are able to offer bespoke blending, packaging and testing.
IN India
Stand No: 110F41
We are a company with 5 decades of experience in Laboratory Reagents and Fine chemicals and have been offering unparalleled service to our valued customers not only with our product range of 4500 chemicals but also help our interested customers with OEM/private labeling. With the recent expansion in restructuring life science industry over last decade LOBA Chemie has diversified into entire new range of Contract Research, Pharma Synthesis and R&D activities including QA & Regulatory Support and scale up r&D facility with industrial capabilities. Loba is currently servicing over 400 distributors in over 100 plus countries.
IN India
Stand No: 110G77NEP
We (QUALIKEMS Fine Chem Pvt Ltd) feel the utmost pleasure by introducing ourselves as an established Manufacturer of Laboratory Chemicals. Stains, Indicators, Clinical Regents, Analytical Regents, Bio-chemical's & HPLC Solvents.
JP Japan
Stand No: 110A10
Zeon Corporation provides Specialty Chemicals including aroma chemicals, intermediates for pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, specialty solvents and industrial chemicals derived from its unique C5 raw materials and synthetic technologies. At this exhibition, we introduce a new greener process solvent with high hydrophobicity and limited peroxide formation "Cyclopentyl methyl ether (CPME)" as well as Cyclopentene, Cyclopentanone, Alkylacetylenes and its derivatives.
Sub-event: CPHI
Zone: API