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DE Germany
Stand No: 102B21
Biogrund assists the pharmaceutical and related industries in the development and production of solid oral dosage forms. We help our customers improve running production processes and cooperate with them in the research for new solutions. Filmcoating excellence is Biogrund's core business. Our unique and ready-to-use film coating, sugar-coating, tabletting and excipient premixes guarantee optimized results in a short time. Customized film coating systems for fast, enteric and sustained release. Since 2013 EXCiPACT™ certified. In 2014 we opened our US facility (office, lab & production site).
Sub-event: CPHI
Zone: Excipients
RU Russia
Stand No: 80P10
Indukern–Rus is part of Indukern Group and one of the world's leading supplier of pharmaceutical raw materials, APIs, medicines and Veterinary products. The company started its activities on the territory of the Russian Federation in 1999. During a short period the company has grown on the Russian market.
Sub-event: CPHI
Zone: API
NL Netherlands
Stand No: 41A43
InnoSyn offers a team of passionate & experienced problem solvers, applying innovative and cost-efficient technologies such as flow chemistry, bio- and chemo-catalysis. If you need a scalable route for your new chemical compound (INVENT), or a better yield of your current product (IMPROVE), or manufacturing capacity for your product (IMPLEMENT), InnoSyn can help.
Sub-event: ICSE
DE Germany
Stand No: 102D100
JRS Pharma is a leading manufacturer of excipients, offering a complete portfolio of solutions for the global health science industry. Their excipients portfolio includes: high functionality excipients, binders, disintegrants, lubricants, functional fillers, thickeners, stabilizers, carriers, and coatings. In addition to their wide range of excipients, they offer excellent technical support to address the needs and formulation challenges of their customers.
Sub-event: CPHI
Zone: Excipients
FR France
Stand No: 102B81
LEL Group is a Pan-European strategic alliance of independent familly-own distribution companies for specialty chemicals dedicated to Specialty industries (Coatings, Plastics & Rubber, Adhesives & Sealants, Ceramics, Lubricants & Fuels, Cleaning & Detergence, Water Treatment...) and Life Sciences (Agrochemicals, Feed, Food & Nutrition, Nutraceutical, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals). LEL organisation offers to Principals and Customers to think their businesses globally, but to act locally with full dedicated sales team in each country. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lavollée SA was established in 1963. Specialised in the sole distribution of speciality chemicals & minerals for the French market. Lavollée SA is still a family-owned and independent company, giving it a high degree of flexibility and speed of reaction to market changes. From the beginning Lavollée SA has established and built strong and transparant relationships together with its Principals. Today, Lavollée SA has the best financial ratio in this business which allow to get the most acurate IT...
Sub-event: CPHI
Zone: Excipients
IN India
Stand No: 102A12
Vikram Thermo (India) Limited is public limited company established in the year 1984, near Ahmedabad, Gujarat ( India) for manufacturing Diphenyl Oxide and today have two another brands under Pharma Excipient DRUGCOAT and DRCOAT and has turnover in excess of INR 450 million with 2 state-of-art manufacturing facilities. We are an ISO 9001-2008 certified company and first company in India to receive the international EXCiPACT GMP certification for manufacturing of pharma polymers ( Wide range of Mehthacrylic acid co-polymers) & Customized pharma polymers for various application like Film Coating, Enteric coating, Moisture Barrier coating, Taste masking, Sustained release in oral solid dosage forms, both in Aqueous & Non-Aqueous method. US DMF is also available for our products
Sub-event: CPHI
Zone: Excipients