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TR Turkey
Stand No: 90F24
Biem Pharmaceuticals, with headquarters in Ankara - Turkey, founded in 1989, is a privately held pharmaceutical manufacturer and distribution company focused on offering effective treatment options in Oncology, Hematology, Radiology, Ophthalmology and Transplantology fields.
NL Netherlands
Stand No: 91A44
Capricorn Life Sciences offers pharmaceutical products with valuable USP's for marketing and distribution and/or in-licensing (medicines as well as Food for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP), food supplements and medical devices) all with clinical backup. Our product portfolio covers a broad range of therapeutic indications and includes unique galenic presentations such as vapor patches, stickpacks, controlled release tablets, effervescent tablets, nasal sprays, oral sprays and throat sprays. Efficacy and safety of our products have been proven in clinical trials and/or are supported by approved EFSA claims. Manufacturing is performed by various European GMP and/or HACCP approved factories, ensuring a guaranteed and constant high quality. The products can be marketed under our ready brands but we are open to discuss supply under private label as well. Complete EU regulatory dossiers and full regulatory support are provided. IMPORTANT: if you are on the intitial page of Capricorn's profile in "Exhibitor List" click the...
DK Denmark
Stand No: 41C30
Chr Hansen is a global biotechnology company that provides natural ingredients for the food, dairy, dietary supplement, infant formula, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. We have been fermenting lactic acid bacteria for more than 140 years, and for more than 25 years we have been committed to delivering clinically documented probiotics. Our probiotics provide the knowledge, inspiration, support and customized solutions needed to create successful probiotic product portfolio. Chr. Hansen has basic R&D centers in Denmark, the United States and France. We continuously expand our facility and upgrade our technology.
IT Italy
Stand No: 91F60
ESSETI FARMACEUTICI is an Italian pharmaceutical company that from its beginning in 1956 has invested in the internationalization process anticipating times on competition, tracing new paths in the export of Italian production, a best banner in the world capable of transmitting and ensuring high quality standards and competitive prices in many markets. The products of our therapeutic areas combine top quality active ingredients made in Europe with innovative and excellence of the manufacturing process. The concept that characterizes the philosophy of our company is orientation to results, dynamism, innovation and attention to the international market.
AT Austria
Stand No: 80K30
Fresenius Kabi Austria is a subsidiary of the global healthcare group Fresenius. The Linz plant is the competence center for manufacturing the APIs Lactulose, Hydroxyethyl starch (HES), and Sinistrin. With 40 years of expertise in Lactulose production, highest quality standards and a second Lactulose plant in Italy, we rank among the leading global Lactulose producers. We supply liquid and crystalline Lactulose, as bulk or finished product in various containers and sachets, filled and packed on-site. Our plant also houses the world's largest production of HES, which is mainly used in volume therapy. Our plant is cGMP- and ISO-certified.
Sub-event: CPHI
Zone: API
PL Poland
Stand No: 60C73
Jago Pro is a contract manufacturing company, offering services from development of product to fnnal production. We are able to create with you products in different form of application such as aerosol, spray pomps, tubes, bottles.
Sub-event: CPHI
TR Turkey
Stand No: 91G43NEP
Kurtsan Group is a 60 years old Turkish leading manufacturing co. in Herbal Cosmetics, Medical Plasters, Throat Pastilles and Dermatological Pharmaceuticals sector. Our 200 different products are being promoted by medical marketing, through “doctors”, “pharmacies”, “pharmacy wholesalers” and “cosmetic chain stores”. Kurtsan is also focusing on international markets such as Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe… for expansion of its export activities. Company Divison, Kurtsan Pharmaceuticals Inc. – specialized in dermatological and respiratory tract medicines, herbal & pharmaceutical throat pastilles. Kurtsan Medicals Inc. - specialized in medical plasters and hospital supplies. Otaci Cosmetics Inc. – specialized in herbal hair and skin care products. Product Divison, Otc Throat Pastilles Dermatological and Respiratory Tract Medicines, Muscle Relaxant Tablets Herbal Hair and Skin Care Cosmetics Medical Plasters Our Activities, for Export; we make branded or Private Label manufacturing. In addition,we give R&D services for special formulations.
IT Italy
Stand No: 91H46SSP
OMISAN is an entirely Italian company, manufacturer of medical devices for the eye care field, which delivers worldwide its high level of technology since 18 years through a highly trained and knowledgeable network of partners and distributors. Its extensive product lines meet the needs of the majority of market operators (ranging from eye doctors, opticians, pharmacies and large-scale retail trade). OMISAN manufacturers the following products: - Eye Spray - Eye Drops - Eye Wash - Solutions for eye and contact lens care all products can be used with or without contact lenses (therefore they are all certified as Class II B medical devices) and are based on flower extracts or Hyaluronic Acid for an immediate hydration/refreshing effect.
ES Spain
Stand No: 91D52
OPKO Health Spain is part of OPKO Health Inc, a multinational company based in Miami. At OPKO Health Spain we are committed to continuous innovation through the development of products and new technologies that contribute to improve the health of people and pets. Our products are aimed at correcting degenerative processes, through specific ingredients that act as precursors to essential structures. We offer a diverse portfolio of food supplements and medical devices for several therapeutic areas, including osteoarticular, opththalmic and others. Through our network of partners we are currently distributing our products in more than 30 countries worldwide.
LV Latvia
Stand No: 91F47SSP
Rigas Farmaceitiska Fabrika JSC is the Northern European manufacturer of Herbal Medicinal products for the following dosage forms: liquids for internal use, liquids for external use, semi-solids. Our portfolio of finished products consists of various OTC medicines, food supplements and cosmetics. We focus on Liquid extracts, Tinctures, Sprays, Syrups, Gels, Creams, Herbal teas. RFF is GMP certified since 2004.
IT Italy
Stand No: 91F50
Sakura Italia is an Italian pharmaceutical company of medical devices and food supplements with innovative gynaecological and paediatric products. Our mission is to contribute to the individual wellness by developing high-quality medical devices and food supplements which are innovative and forefront. Quality management system ISO 9001, 13485.
KR South Korea
Stand No: 90G59
SamChunDang (SCD) Pharm. Co., Ltd. is the leading pharmaceutical company specialized in ophthalmic fields. We have acquired EU GMP certificate for sterile eye drops from UK MHRA. Since establishment in 1943, we have been providing a high quality pharmaceutical product for the purpose of providing healthier and happier lives for everyone. We provide safety and convenience and also offer a wide range of choices with multi-dose, and preservative-free single-dose eye drops. We have been exporting pharmaceutical products to more than 25 overseas countries for more than 20 years and bave been seeking to expand in to the global market with EU GMP certified technology.
ES Spain
Stand No: 91G48NEP
Shedirfarmaceutica SL is a company operating out of Spain. We are currently looking for distribution channels around the world for our finished dosage formulations. As a branch of the Shedir Group we aim to help to achieve better quality of life standards for children, adults and the elderly. The 150+ products we offer positively affect every area of human life, from growth to sleep, respiration, sight and many more. Our portfolio of finished formulations ranges from Food Supplements to Medical Devices, Cosmeceuticals and Phamaceuticals, all of them produced in facilities complying to the highest standards in the sector. Thanks to the cooperation and the skills of its international partners, Shedir Group has managed to be present in more than 18 countries all around the world. In those countries, our products are available in all the local languages in order to adapt to the needs of our customers. For the last...