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DE Germany
Stand No: 101C76
AXXO is a leading international supplier with a rich product portfolio covering a wide range of therapeutic categories including active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), intermediates, finished dosage forms as well as the latest development in the field of biotech production i. e. monoclonal antibodies (MAB). Our international operating company would be pleased to offer you our custom-made services from developing, manufacturing and marketing APIs, finished dosage forms or registration dossiers to full health concepts like machinery & equipment for your own manufacturing. We are present in the EU, in a huge number of the CIS countries and in various South American and Middle East markets. Our product portfolio embraces APIs as well as finished formulations. Our dynamic and highly-motivated team is investigating, developing, producing and distributing innovative pharmaceutical products. We are offering just-in-time delivery, customized product parameters as well as registration assistance. Our expertise consists in the development and registration of...
Biophore, an established pharmaceutical company is engaged in the development and manufacture of niche pharmaceutical products for generic industry.Within a decade since inception in 2007, Biophore has emerged as a trusted partner in generic industry across US, Europe and other regulated markets. Biophore's product range is diverse and balanced with NCE, Branded products and grandfather products. Biophore's portfolio spread across 30 therapeutic segments, is specialized in development and manufacture of pharmaceutical actives for Oncology medications, Contrast and Diagnostic media. For updated list of products, send an email to info@biophore.com
Sub-event: CPHI
Zone: API
BR Brazil
Stand No: 90D62
Blau Farmacêutica is a Brazilian pharmaceutical company, leader in Latin America, present in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay. The company is a pioneer in highly complex medicines, specialized in biotechnology, oncology, nephrology, hematology, infectious diseases and others. Celebrating 30 years, Blau Farmacêutica is pleased to show your strength, competence and technique experienced in developing more than 100 different products. Blau's portfolio includes products, which are available for a wide range of applications. The excellence of these products, are a proof of the company's devotion to customer satisfaction and the well-being of its consumers.
IN India
Stand No: 91F40
Brooks Laboratories Ltd was established in 2002 and maintains its strong presence in the Pharmaceutical industry as a Contract Manufacturing Company since its inception. Brooks Laboratories Ltd is a Research and Development driven Pharmaceutical manufacturing company. In last 6 years company has successfully established itself as a reputed Contract Manufacturing company for generic products in Injectables and Amoxiillin + Clavulanic Acid range of Tablets and Dry Syrups. Brooks has recently commissioned a Brand New Dedicated Facility for Carbapenem Injections at Baroda, India, with a huge capacity of 50 million vials per annum. The New Carbapenem Facility at Baroda will also manufacture Lyophilized Carbapenem injections like Ertapenem. The new Dedicated Carbapenem Plant has been designed for Development and Supply of Injections for Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and other Regulated Markets and also do Contract Manufacturing for Quality Conscious Pharmaceutical companies for Regulated and Semi Regulated Markets. Brooks can as...
KR South Korea
Stand No: 90G39
Enzychem Lifesciences Corporation is a Global New Drug Development Venture that was founded on the most advanced life sciences and technologies of medicinal chemistry in July 1999. With its Global New Drug R&D center located in KAIST in Daejeon and its two GMP manufacturing plants in Jecheon, it has since been developing and producing APIs and functional health foods, and developing global new drugs as the leader of the field.
IT Italy
Stand No: 91F60
ESSETI FARMACEUTICI is an Italian pharmaceutical company that from its beginning in 1956 has invested in the internationalization process anticipating times on competition, tracing new paths in the export of Italian production, a best banner in the world capable of transmitting and ensuring high quality standards and competitive prices in many markets. The products of our therapeutic areas combine top quality active ingredients made in Europe with innovative and excellence of the manufacturing process. The concept that characterizes the philosophy of our company is orientation to results, dynamism, innovation and attention to the international market.
KR South Korea
Stand No: 90D44
Kukje Pharma was established in 1959 with a founding ideology ‘Respect for life principle and customer-first principle to pursue people's healthy and happy life. We consistently focus on R&D investment to our central research laboratory that was established in 1986. One of our major achievements is our outstanding medical technology for ophthalmic diseases, which include macular degeneration and glaucoma. Using our technology, we have developed and researched on new medication as well as known medicines with universities, national research institutes and government branches. Our product line with certified PIC/s GMP is fully equipped with high performance modern technology such as high-quality lyophilizer for producing Antibiotic Injection. Approximately 150 kinds of medicines including ophthalmic products, antibiotics, GI products, CV products, NSAIDs and so on are being produced and sold as of now and, at the same time, we are constantly expanding the CMO business.
KR South Korea
Stand No: 90D33
Shin Poong Pharm. Co., Ltd is a R&D oriented multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, with 7 manufacturing site worldwide with global partners in over 59 countries. Main Focusing Area Cardiovascular CNS Surgical Woundcare Musculoskeletal Anti-infective Product List R&D Pipeline [Marketed] Medicurtain Inj.: Surgical adhesion barrier (Medical device with novel mode of action) Pyramax Tab.: FDC/Malaria (NCE) Pyramax Granule: FDC/Pediatric malaria (NCE) CandeAmlo Tab.: FDC/hypertension (IMD) EzeRosu Tab.: FDC/hyperlipidemia (IMD) [Phase III-IV] Pyramax Tab.: FDC/Malaria (NCE) Pyramax Granule: FDC/Pediatric malaria (NCE) [Phase II] SP-8203: Acute ischemic stroke (NCE) [Phase I] SP-35454: Osteoporosis/fracture healing (NCE) HyalOne™: Osteoarthritis (NME) [Preclinical] SP-8008: Anti-platelet (NCE) SP-8232: Heart failure (NCE) SP-8356: Atherosclerosis (NCE) FreeWink™: Dermal/body filler (NME) Platform Technology Products Hyal Forte Inj. (Pre-filled) - Sodium hyaluronate 20mg/2mL - Viscosupplement for 3 time treatment (Osteoarthritis) - No.1 Sales in Korea Clamoxin Dispersible Tab. 250mg for syrup - Amoxillin sodium 200mg/Potassium clavulanate 50mg -...
FR France
Stand No: 80F02
Socosur Chem is a distribution company focused on Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, especially in Antibiotics, Cardiology, Ophtalmic and Oncology therapeutics. It was established in 1990 with a mission to be a reference European importation and distribution company as confirmed again with the successful 2015 GDP ANSM inspection. Solution provider for Biotech companies looking to industrialize their Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. Distribution and agency activities for peptides and fine chemicals producers for pharmaceutical and veterinary use over the European markets. European regulatory filings development and marketing support services.
Sub-event: CPHI
Zone: API
GR Greece
Stand No: 41D01
Vioser S.A. is a dynamic and constantly expanding Greek pharmaceutical industry, established in 1984 in Trikala, Greece.Working strictly under the GMP regulations we can assure high quality, safety and reliability for our products and services. Our portfolio includes pharmaceutical I.V. solutions, generic antibiotics and CE marked irrigation solutions, bottled in polyethylene containers, produced with the Blow/Fill/Seal Technology®.
Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. located in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, a coastal city in southeastern China, was founded in 1956. In year 2000, Hisun was listed as a public company in Shanghai A share Stock Exchange. Today, Hisun is one of the biggest manufacturing bases of antibiotic oncology products, and has become one of leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in China.
Sub-event: CPHI
Zone: API