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ES Spain
Stand No: 90D81
Bioiberica is a biotech pharmaceutical company, a worldwide expert in research, development, production and commercialization of Glycosaminoglycans, and one of the leading manufacturers of Heparin, Chondroitin, Glucosamine and Hyaluronic Acid. Bioiberica is vertically integrated, from the API to the finished product, which gives it a comprehensive molecule, medical and market knowledge. As a leading heparin manufacturer its goal is to prioritize safety and traceability and explore new lines of application, new products and new developments. Bioiberica offers the above mentioned APIs as well as a range of branded ingredients and finished products for joint health and dermatological health.
DE Germany
Stand No: 110A17
Since 1971 CPC specializes in the distribution of APIs, biochemical intermediates, food additives and feed ingredients from recognized international partners. We follow GDP guidelines, are HACCP & FamiQS certified and registered for trading intermediates of animal origin. Assistance in logistics, finance and regulatory affairs is part of our service.
Sub-event: CPHI
Zone: API
CH Switzerland
Stand No: 61B30
Ginsana SA (trading as SFI Switzerland) is part of SFI Group and offers natural clinically proven branded products distributed worldwide. Ginsana SA is also a reliable service provider for Product Development, Regulatory Affairs, Manufacturing, Packaging and Analytics. Ginsana SA's manufacturing site is approved by Swissmedic, ANVISA and Saudi FDA
Sub-event: CPHI
US United States
Stand No: 102A30
For more than 80 years, we have been a leader in innovation and applications of media supplements and excipients serving the biotech, pharmaceutical and nutrition market, providing innovative solutions such as pharmaceutical grade lactose, film coatings, self lubricating excipients, tabletting systems, and flavors for drug delivery systems.We bring together our collective expertise, technologies and global resources to partner with you to develop innovative and market-driving solutions. Through continued investment in research and technologies, we help you compete in a rapidly changing global marketplace.
Sub-event: CPHI
Zone: Excipients
IN India
Stand No: 90F85
Sydler Group of Companies has been offering excellence in manufacturing and exporting of pharmaceuticals since 2004. Our expansive range of Pharmaceutical Formulations, Herbal / Ayurvedic Formulations, Herbal Extracts /Phytochemicals & Nutraceuticals have won the hearts of millions across the globe. A noteworthy name in the Pharmaceutical and Herbal sector, the Sydler Group has earned customer loyalty by following stringent quality control and strict timelines; we are continuously expanding our portfolio with new offerings with stress on market expansion and a wider reach. All our products and formulations are from our own manufacturing plant situated in Maharashtra. Here we are able to keep a strict vigil on product quality and ensure that only the best items reach our target markets. This is the most advanced manufacturing facility designed with leveraging state-of-the-art infrastructure, skilled professionals, and uncompromising commitment towards quality and innovation. Presently, we have a range of more than 450 products...
CN China
Stand No: 101F50
WuxiJinghai Amino Acid Co Ltd (WJAA), founded in 1993, is one of the largest domestic amino acid manufacturers with the rights to import and export. WJAA is the key high and new-tech enterprise in National Torch Plan and the high-tech enterprise of Jiangsu. In addition, WJAA is member of China Pharmaceutical Industry Association and the vice director of Amino Acid Professional Committee. With world-leading amino acid bio-engineering technology, our L-isoleucine, L-valine, L-leucine, L-proline series of products made with fermentation method have passed the certificate of GMP of State Food and Drug Administration. Currently, WJAA is able to produce dozens of amino acids. These products are well sold in Europe, America and other developed areas. They have earned a good reputation both in domestic and international amino acid markets. It has become a key manufacturer of raw material of amino acid. Sticking to clean production in bio-tech development, our L-isoleucine clean...
Sub-event: CPHI
Zone: API
Pavilion: China Pavilion
Xiamen Forever Green Source Biochem Tech Co Ltd (FGS) as a one-stop solution supplier pioneered the manufacture of Nutraceutical, Botanical Extract, API, Amino acid, Food Additives, Cosmetic ingredients, sweetener, Capsule and tablet in China and continues to enjoy a lead position in pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Based on our clients continuous support, FGS have achieved rapid growth on promoting our products into countries/regions of Euro, America, Mid-east, South Africa, South-Eastern Asia, etc. and our business cooperation is enlarged fast and stably. Forever Green Source's wide range of pharmaceutical and chemical products fulfill the expectations of the most discerning and demanding customers, who depend on us for providing innovative solutions to their needs
Sub-event: CPHI
Pavilion: China Pavilion
CN China
Stand No: 80C30
Yino Pharma Limited is fully integrated EU-GMP certified producer of Heparin range Anticoagulants: Heparin Sodium (EU-GMP), Heparin Calcium (EU-GMP applied), Dermatan Sulfate, Heparinoid Sodium, Mucopolysaccharide Polysulfate, Enoxaparin Sodium (EU-GMP applied). Further Heparin derivatives under development. Best possible implementation of Annex 2 to EU-GMP Guidelines and FDA Guidance for Industry: From intestine to API - all at one site. Additional facility for biological active substances: Bile Derivatives, Black Currant Extract, Chondroitin Sulfate Sodium, Chondroitin Sulfate Calcium, Liver Extract, Pancreatin (EU-GMP applied), Lung Surfactant.
Sub-event: CPHI
Zone: API