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FR France
Stand No: 41A33
Prestataire de services pour analyses et expertises dans le domaine des produits de santé : pharmaceutique, cosmétique, dispositifs médicaux et nutraceutique. Un service de prestations et d'expertises sur 10 000m2 de laboratoires à Lyon-Vénissieux. Des analyses réalisées selon les référentiels officiels Pharmacopées Européenne, Américaine, Japonaise. Accréditation Cofrac ( NF EN ISO 17025), contributions aux projets de normalisation (ISO, CEN et AF NOR). Des experts judiciaires en Pharmacologie et Toxicologie, près les Cours d'Appel de Montpellier et d'Amiens. CARSO Group is a leading French player in the field of analytical services. Avery comprehensive range of assays (several thousands) in water and environ ment, feed and food, energy and mines, occupational hygiene and building health, pharma and cosmetics and forensics. High level scientists in biology, chemical, molecular biology, DNA, electronical microscopy ... analytical testing services. 26 laboratory sites throughout France and Europe 100.000 sq of laboratories in Europe A unique site of...
Sub-event: ICSE
NL Netherlands
Stand No: 40L14
Our product lines are comprised of series of systems that non-destructively monitor headspace oxygen, moisture, and pressure levels in sealed parenteral containers. Our systems have been designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry and typical applications include 100% container closure integrity inspection, packaging developments container closure studies, at-line oxygen monitoring of oxygen-sensitive liquid products, formulation stability studies, and water activity measurements. In addition to manufacturing and marketing our headspace systems, we also provide Measurement Services which include the analysis of product sent to our analytical labs as well as providing lease headspace systems for on-site product inspection activities. As a science-based company, we provide our clients with knowledge and expertise gained from analyzing and inspecting millions of finished sterile drug samples from pharmaceutical facilities around the world.
Sub-event: PMEC
Zone: PMEC