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ES Spain
Stand No: 40K10
A3D Consulting Integrated BIM Solutions is a leading BIM consulting company based in Barcelona providing drafting and design support for projects related to the pharmaceutical industry. We virtually build the project to the smallest required detail providing a complete 3D model with all the necessary graphical documentation, project schedule and materials take-off. Our services provide added value solutions to design departments, engineering offices and construction companies within the pharmaceutical industry. We offer experienced support from clean room projects up to new production plants.
PT Portugal
Stand No: 41A01
Cambridge is one of the top 5 High Temperature HEPA manufacturers. Using high standard Japanese technology, Cambridge developed a unique ceramic sealant, creating the ideal solution for a silicon-free +350ºC demanding process, such as Sterilization and Depyrogenation tunnel. Distribution and technical support in Europe is handled by AGB.
Sub-event: ICSE
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: 40G42
ChargePoint Technology are market leaders in powder containment and aseptic transfer valves providing operator safety and sterility assurance for the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and other process industries.
Sub-event: PMEC
Zone: PMEC
Fabtech is a global Engineering and Fabrication company specializing in innovative turnkey solutions for Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industry, with In-house design, engineering, construction and manufacturing of critical and vital elements. We have in-house Installation team to execute and commissioning. With over 20 years of experience, and more than 700 installations in over 42+ countries, we have grown into one of the leading engineering and construction partners for pharmaceutical and allied industries. Turnkey Solutions we provide are: Consultancy and Technology Transfer. Cleanroom Modular Partitions (Design & Manufacturing, Installation & Commissioning) Cleanroom Equipment (Design & Manufacturing, Installation & Commissioning) HVAC System (Design, Supply, Installation & Commissioning) Process Equipment – GRANULATION EQUIPMENT, CAPSULE FILLING MACHINE , STERILE LINE - VIAL , AMPOULE & PFS (Design & Manufacturing, Installation & Commissioning) Containment Solutions – Isolators (Design & Manufacturing, Installation & Commissioning) Water treatment System - (Design & Manufacturing, Installation & Commissioning) We are...
AT Austria
Stand No: 41G30
Ortner is an Austrian-based manufacturer and system provider of standardized and bespoke equipment and solutions for all kinds of cleanroom requirements within the research and life science market. Over the last 30 years, Ortner has built up a wealth of expertise and knowledge in cleanroom technology and has proven R&D capabilities in barrier, containment and decontamination solutionsfor fast, safe and reliable protection of people, animals, research and the environment against contaminants and particles.