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FR France
Stand No: 10J11
HTL SAS was created in 1992 and is specialized in the manufacture, purification and research and development of Hyaluronan (HA). Today it has diversified and produces other biological polymers for the pharmaceutical and medical fields.
Sub-event: CPWW18
Zone: API
IT Italy
Stand No: 6D23
ICROM is an Italian chemical-pharmaceutical Company specialized in contract development and GMP manufacturing of Potent and non-Potent APIs. A reliable partner with a strong know-how, that is present and active on the worldwide pharmaceutical market since more than 40 years, and that with passion and professionalism were able to diversify over the years its business model and portfolio, strongly investing in research&development and innovative products. With four state-of-the-art manufacturing units approved by AIFA, USFDA, PMDA, KFDA and high-quality standards, ICROM is the partner of choice for custom synthesis, contract manufacturing, niche generics, difficult-to-make products
Sub-event: CPWW18
Zone: API
FR France
Stand No: 10F40
La Mesta Chimie Fine is a technology driven Custom Manufacturing company located in France. We carry multistep organic chemistry for sophisticated products. We offer service, from process development to industrial manufacture for Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Flavors & Fragrances, Agrochemicals, Photo Industry, etc.. La Mesta developed some proprietary solutions for sophisticated chemistry.
Sub-event: CPWW18
Zone: API
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: 8C10
HEADQUARTERED IN MUMBAI, INDIA, LUPIN LIMITED TODAY IS AN INNOVATION LED TRANSNATIONAL PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY PRODUCING A WIDE RANGE OF QUALITY, AFFORDABLE GENERIC AND BRANDED FORMULATIONS AND APIs FOR THE DEVELOPED AND DEVELOPING MARKETS OF THE WORLD. THE LUPIN STORY The company was named after the Lupin flower because of the inherent qualities of the flower and what it personifies and stands for. The Lupin flower is known to nourish the land, the very soil it grows in. The Lupin flower is also known to be tolerant of infertile soils and capable of pioneering change in barren and poor climes. The Lupin flower and bean pods have also long been used as food and sources of nourishment, thus protecting and nurturing life. Embedded in Lupin was a formula for growth. About fifty years on, what has stayed with us is that same entrepreneurial spirit, culture of creativity and innovation and pride...
Sub-event: CPWW18
Zone: API
DE Germany
Stand No: 10B63
ORGANICA® Feinchemie GmbH Wolfen is a company producing chemicals which are renowned for their functionality and high quality. Apart from fine chemicals for various branches of the industry, ORGANICA® is able to provide functional dyes as well as pharmaceutical intermediates – tailored to their customers' specific requirements. As an expert in safety-critical operations and hazardous reactions, high-pressure reactions and reagents such as CS2, H2S, fumic sulfuric acid as well as NaN3 are included in ORGANICA®'s daily business. The facilities are located in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, which is part of the Middle German Chemical Triangle. They comprise a fully equipped R&D department and quality assurance laboratories. ORGANICA® operates a modern pilot plant and a multi-purpose plant (ISO 9001, ISO 50001) as well as a cGMP operated Kilo-Lab (clean room ISO 75; class 10 000). The total reactor capacity adds up to 97 m³. Due to ORGANICA®'s various reactor types and sizes they are...
IN India
Stand No: 7H24B
PREMIER GROUP OF INDUSTRIES was originally incorporated as a trading house in 1955. The company namely M/s Transworld Trades was basically engaged in trading and exporting the organic laboratory chemicals, organic pharmaceutical chemicals, organic solvent dyes, dye intermediates and perfumery chemicals. Over a period of time board of directors observed the rapid advancement in chemical process technology and concluded that it was the time to exploit their capabilities for a more rewarding and promising enterprises by shifting accent to the manufacturing one.
Sub-event: CPWW18