GR Greece
Stand No: A30
ARGO is a leading GMP plastic packaging producer for the Pharma and Consumer Healthcare Industries. Trusted partner, we provide our customers with a wide portfolio of products including ophthalmic droppers, nasal sprayers, plastic bottles and caps, medical devices and printed tubes, listed in DMF and produced in certified areas.
DE Germany
Stand No: A53

We design, build and sell packaging and production systems for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and allied industries. From modest beginnings more than 45 years ago - with only 4 people - Bausch+Ströbel has developed into an international enterprise. It is now one of the leading manufacturers in pharmaceutical packaging.

FR France
Stand No: C20

BD is a medical technology company that serves healthcare institutions, life science researchers, clinical laboratories, industry and the general public. BD designs, manufactures and sells a broad range of medical supplies, devices, laboratory equipment and diagnostic products.

BD Medical - Pharmaceutical Systems is the partner of choice for the pharmaceutical industry. With innovative prefillable syringes, self-injection systems, safety systems and needle technologies, we offer an extensive selection of solutions designed to protect, package and deliver drug therapies. Our experts provide comprehensive system-based service and full product solutions.

FR France
Stand No: A31
Stand A31 Always advancing to protect what's important  With unrivaled expertise, scope and scale, Berry is the leading global producer of nonwoven materials, films and rigid packaging with 135 worldwide locations. Our pharmaceutical packaging expertise spans the full range of drug delivery routes. From child-resistant and senior-friendly closures to user-independent droppers, we can also develop custom packaging solutions to fit your specific needs. Our product range for pharmaceutical packaging includes: ·         Bottles, jars, tubes & vials ·         Child-resistant & tamper-evident closures  ·         Ophthalmic packaging  ·         Drug delivery devices  ·         Nasal sprays and pumps  ·         Transdermal patches We have a broad range of packaging products, technical, and design services to support healthcare and pharmaceutical customers.  ·         Total package solutions ·         Complete state-of-the-art clean room facilities ·         Global production locations ·         Custom packaging design and decoration capabilities ·         Product testing and compliance in accordance with applicable U.S. andE.U. regulatory requirements*  At Berry, we go beyond stock closures, designing new insight-driven packaging innovations like PalmSoft™ and Risdrop™ to meet consumer needs. We have proven experience in the design and manufacture sophisticated drug delivery devices for reliable drug administration from concept to large-scale volumes. We also know that your brand's packaging doesn't end with the package itself and we offer printing and decoration experts to express your brand's high standards of quality and shelf appeal. To make us a part of your pharmaceutical manufacturing process, please contact us at [email protected] For more information, please visit www.berryglobal.com
TW Taiwan
Stand No: C39

Bioteque corporation is the first bio-technology company in Taiwan engaged in the independent R&D and production of IV infusion bags, founded in 1991. BIOTEQUE operates two manufacturing plants equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and accredited with ISO 13485 and compliant with FDA, GMP and Quality System Regulation.The plant was already producing granules into tubular films, tubes and flexible PVC bags ever since 1998. Bioteq now has numerous fully automated high speed PVC bags makers, a couple of stopper/twist off automatic assembly machines which are allocated in layflat area. Film manufacturing process conducted within a controlled low particle environment. The overall production capacity increased to 100M pcs annually. With the development of pharmaceutical products line, Bioteq also product IV set/IV precision set, IV access devices, and peritoneal dialysis products, Bioteq has been dedicating to providing quality PVC PHARMACEUTICAL & MEDICAL container, CAPD BAG at affordable prices.Providing better value to customers is BIOTEQUE's mission.

IT Italy
Stand No: B30

Bormioli Rocco Pharma BU is exclusively dedicated to the production of glass and plastic pharmaceutical packaging, following the same demanding requirements that drive the pharma industry. The company's products are developed to guarantee absolute integrity of the drugs, satisfy patients' needs, and improve the quality of their life.

RU Russia
Stand No: D60

Bright Way Group is one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical company. We have 20 years of experience in the market as distributor of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients at the territory of Russian Federation; Over than 200 APIs had been registered at the Russian Federation by our side, we successfully realized a lot of commercial sales and have a positive relationship with reliable partners globally. We have our own Office as well as Registration Bureau and warehouse facilities; At present we are also involved in several governmental projects. We are actively working to expand the business and at the moment we have our own production plant of Finished Formulations, and we realize the project of building a new plant in the Moscow region. The project is implemented with the active support of the Russian government. We are looking for partnerships that can create new opportunities for business expansion in other countries and regions. Our main activities are: Promotion and Distribution of APIs, FDF, veterinary medicines, equipment, cosmetics. Production of FDF in Russia. Contract manufacturing. Localization of FDF production in Russia. Technology transfer. Localization of API production in Russia. Manufacturer/supplierFinished Dosage FormulationCountries: Russia - EuropeFinished Dosage FormulationCountries: Russia - Europe  FDFContract ServicePharmaceutical Services Countries: Russia - Europe  Packaging and LogisticsCountries: Russia - Europe

CN China
Stand No: E58

BTP Pharm is a worldwide operating marketing team, which is active in APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), nutraceuticals, veterinary products, finished pharmaceutical products, empty capsules and pharmaceutical packagings. Professional knowledge and veteran experience, together with our reliability and flexibility, have made us an ideal partner for your choice. We offer high-qualified API products covering major categories, ranging from laboratory, pilot plant to industrial scale. We also offer pharmaceutical formulations in sorts of dosage forms, as well as various types of empty capsules and glass bottles. For the competitiveness of our products, we ensure all from selected and GMP approved plants. We also provide efficient and knowledgeable service which is highly responsive to what your need, including the professional transport, DMF registration, technical support, preparation and registration of dossiers in regulated markets.

ES Spain
Stand No: B20

Dara Pharmaceutical Packaging provides to the pharmaceutical, biotech and cosmetic industries the most advanced technological equipment in the market. We offer a high level of innovation and development along with the capability to adapt our knowledge and research to the needs of our customers and to the most demanding international regulations of the sector. We manufacture washing, sterilizing, filling and closing machines for bottles, vials, cartridges, syringes, and bags to process liquid, semi-solid products, and powder in sterile conditions. The machines can work either individually or form a complete production line; can operate under LAF or be integrated into containment systems.

BE Belgium
Stand No: N40

Datwyler Sealing Solutions is a leading industrial supplier and a key player in the global health care world. Our state-of-the-art solutions for drug packaging and medical devices, build on over 100 years of experience. Within our health care offering and its three pillars Bio Care, Pharma Care and Med Care, we provide a unique range of products and services including the most advanced elastomer formulations, coatings, aluminum seals, and processing technologies. Partnering up with the world's top pharmaceutical and medical companies, we are a vital link and stand by our mission to ensure all patient's safety and improve patients' lives.

JP Japan
Stand No: D67

DIA is one of the leading manufactures of transdermal absorption skin adhesives in Japan. Our specialization is water-soluble gel patches for pharmaceutical, cosmetics and health-care products. We have been exporting our products more than 20 countries.

UA Ukraine
Stand No: C38

Farmmash, Ltd specializes in the production of polymer closures and droppers for pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

Farmmash, Ltd was established in 1999 as a producer of polymer products. The company has experienced development from being a producer of a simple single-component product to expand as a highly competitive strong market player and the producer of complex multicomponent products. 

Company's mission
We are a company of dedicated experts bringing to life all your ideas into a finished product.
We use modern technologies and innovations to keep up with your expectations.

Certification goals

The company has an effective quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001 standard, certified since 2011. Along with the implementation of ISO 9001 standard, company fulfills the requirements of ISO 13485 standard in its management system. The next step is to meet the requirements of the applicable EC directives for the CE marking.

Priorities and goals

Fulfillment of clients' needs and wants. Realization of customized packaging projects, including design, manufacturing and serial production. Usage of modern technologies and high-quality raw materials. Guarantee of on-time delivery.

FPS is a leading company in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical fields, developing, manufacturing and installing worldwide its own range of Fine Size Reduction machines and Containment Solutions (sterile and highly toxic API).With over 1,000 installations in over 40 countries FPS is a leader in Containment, Milling & Micronization for Pharmaceutical and API production. Our micronization technology considers both fluid jet mills and mechanical pin mills to assure the widest fine grinding capabilities. FPS process experts are available to define the more suitable configuration for your fine grinding needs. Containment is a general approach for FPS, allowing us to propose solutions starting from clean rooms up to isolators for sterile or HPAPI manufacturing needs.
DE Germany
Stand No: A32
Gerresheimer is a leading global partner to the pharma and healthcare industry. With our specialty glass and plastic products, we contribute to health and well-being. We have worldwide operations and about 10,000 employees manufacture our products in local markets, close to our customers. With our plants in Europe, North America, South America and Asia, we generate revenues of approximately EUR 1.4 billion. The comprehensive product portfolio includes pharmaceutical packaging and products for the safe, simple administration of medicines: Insulin pens, inhalers, prefillable syringes, injection vials, ampoules, bottles and containers for liquid and solid medicines with closure and safety systems as well as packaging for the cosmetics industry.
DE Germany
Stand No: A44

groninger, the name stands for innovation, quality and service in the design of customized machines for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Consumer Healthcare industry. We have proven it to our customers for 37 years.

Customer focus for groninger is more than simply meeting the requirements of our customers. It is our goal to meet the challenges of the future through research and development and to offer innovative solutions. 1100 employees, in Crailsheim, Schnelldorf and Charlotte (North Carolina, USA), work to provide solutions and to optimize processes – fulfilling our company philosophy "We fill Visions with Life"?.

This is how groninger has become a technology leader in building customized machines for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Consumer Healthcare industry. To remain successful in this field, we must not only know our customers and their industries but we must also understand them. Trust in our own skills, working cooperatively together within our company and with customers form the basis for bringing visions to life, creating unique solutions and making our customers enthusiastic.

Our experience since more than 37 years, guarantees safe production processes and excellent results for our customers. The competence and enthusiasm of our employees are the basis of the extremely successful development of our company.

  • Products: Custom-built machines for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and consumer healthcare industry
  • Sites: Crailsheim, Schnelldorf, Charlotte (USA) 
  • Agencies: Worldwide in more than 35 countries 
  • Established: 1980 by Eva and Horst Groninger 
  • Management: Jens Groninger in Crailsheim, Volker Groninger in Schnelldorf, Horst and Eva Groninger in the holding board
  • Employees: Worldwide 1,135 (as of April 2017) 
  • Revenue: 156 million euros (in 2016)
IN India
Stand No: B42

Indo German Pharma Engineers (IGPE) - formely known as Indo German Pharma Equip has come a long way since its inception in the year 1981 under the aegis of its founder Mr. Manohar Kothari and further scaled to new heights of esteem by his son Mr. Chintul Manohar.

Starting with a product FILTER PRESS, today IGPE HAS achieved leadership status and reputation in manufacturing of various sophisticated and high value machineries in various Pharma sections like INJECTABLE, GRANULATION, LIQUID ORAL, OINTMENT and allied Industries in FOOD, COSMETICS, CHEMICALS & BULKDRUGS.

Equipped with highly skilled workforce, expertise in Engineering efficiencies, enthusiastic marketing professionals and massive experience of over a quarter century, IGPE is full of confidence and expanding its horizon year after year.

IT Italy
Stand No: B52

A multi-function group with over 40-year experience, millions of containers manufactured for many among the most important brands in the pharmaceutical industries worldwide. The Lameplast Group provides complete, flexible and integrated services for manufacturing, filling and packaging of pharmaceutical products and medical devices, from the empty containers to the finished products, in single-dose, bottles and preservative free bottles. Exclusive services: Pentafill Filling & Sealing Machines for single-dose plastic containers; a new products portfolio with a complete line of CE Marked Medical Devices ready for the market.

UA Ukraine
Stand No: F60

Pharmaceutical company "Zdorovye" looks back on a century of experience in the pharmaceutical market. Created in 1907 by a distinguished group of scientists of the Kharkov plant has been in the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry, producing products that meet all the requirements of quality and safety of medicines.

We are one of the leading enterprises in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine, producing finished pharmaceutical products: tablets, capsules, granules, injections, herbal syrups, gels, ointments, aerosols, sprays, creams.

Currently, We are the largest manufacturers of medical products in Ukraine. The product range consists of more than 350 kinds of medicines of almost all pharmacological groups of drugs.

FR France
Stand No: A31

Nemera is a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of drug delivery devices for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology & generics industries. Nemera's services and products cover several key delivery routes: Ophthalmic, Nasal, Buccal, Auricular, Inhalation, Dermal and Parenteral. Nemera always puts patients first, providing the most comprehensive range of devices in the industry, including off-the-shelf innovative systems, customized design development and contract manufacturing. For more information, please visit http://www.nemera.net To contact us: [email protected]

Ningbo Xingya Rubber & Plastic Co Ltd was established in 1975 in the Ninghai, Ningbo, Zhejiang province. After attaining a license to produce pharmaceutical rubber stoppers, we began production of rubber stoppers for pharmaceutical use. Today we are one of the top pharmaceutical rubber stopper manufacturers in China. Our rubber stopper product line is divided into 4 categories: Butyl rubber frozen dry series, Butyl rubber antibiotics series, Butyl rubber transfusion series, and Brominated Butyl rubber seals series.

BE Belgium
Stand No: M40

Nipro PharmaPackaging is specialized in developing and manufacturing advanced pharma packaging products and complete packaging solutions for early development drugs or enhancement of packaging solutions of existing drugs.

With a worldwide manufacturing footprint of 19 plants, multiple sales offices and internal lab services, Nipro PharmaPackaging offers an exceptional service platform. Through its personnel, products and services, Nipro PharmaPackaging enables you to provide a safer and healthier administration to your customers.

Nipro PharmaPackaging is part of the Japanese Nipro Corporation, established in 1954. With over 20.000 employees worldwide, as a leading global healthcare company, Nipro serves the “Pharmaceuticals”, “Medical devices” and “PharmaPackaging” industry.

IT Italy
Stand No: B20

OMPI is part of the Pharmaceutical Systems division of Stevanato Group and boasts a unique expertise in providing superior pharmaceutical containers from glass tubing. With operations in Italy, Slovakia, Mexico, and China, Ompi offers the widest range of glass primary packaging, from the traditional ones such as vials and ampoules to the high-value ones as syringes and cartridges for auto-injectors and pen-injectors. Vials, cartridges, and syringes are available also sterile and ready to fill (Ompi EZ-fill®). pharma.stevanatogroup.com  

FR France
Stand No: B10

SGD Pharma has a unique know-how and offers innovative and premium quality packaging solutions consistent with international pharmacopoeias. From design to manufacturing, our teams will accompany you in the development and the realization of your projects. SGD Pharma places the quality and safety of the patient at the centre of its concerns. All our manufacturing sites are totally dedicated to Pharmacy, certified ISO 15378. All our bottles are controlled and packaged in clean room ISO 8. SGD Pharma is implementing a quality policy both homogeneous and effective on all its sites of production, based on the respect of Good Manufacturing Practices. In the drug industry more than elsewhere, the security of the supply chain is a vital element. We carry out every effort to ensure a continuous supply and protect the client and patient. SGD Pharma provides back-up solutions between its different manufacturing sites for all types of glass. Our group's mission, aligned with its DNA, is to improve and protect patient's health by providing high quality, innovative and reliable primary glass packaging to our pharmaceutical customers.

IN India
Stand No: C23


‘'Shaily an ISO 13485, ISO 15378 certified company is one of India's leading injection molding companies with a vision to manufacture quality, innovative and cost effective medical devices and primary packaging products. We specialize in manufacturing complex precision components and assemblies for drug delivery devices and primary packaging such as pen injectors, DPIs, CRCs, HDPE Bottles etc., at lower costs for companies such as Sanofi, TEVA, Dr Reddys, Wockhardt, NATCO and Sun Pharma to name a few. Along with manufacturing expertise, Shaily complies to FDA 21 CFR 820 and can also support its customers with DMF, 510K filings as well as CE certification''

BONA, a Chinese company certified according to ISO15378 (GMP), launched the first metered dose nasal pump in 1995 and keeps on working everyday to meet customer's requirements. BONA -your first choice of metered dose spray pumps partner. Products: nasal pumps, oral sprays, Topical spray bottles, eye drops, vaginal applicators.

IN India
Stand No: C30

Skypack India Pvt Ltd and its two sister concerns - Skyflex Packs Pvt Ltd and Skyroto Print Pvt Ltd - are in the business of providing flexible packaging material to Pharmaceutical and food industry. An exporter of films to European countries, Skypack India Pvt. Ltd. has expertise to manufacture films and tubes for a variety of applications. The infrastructure and capability is to provide a hygienic processing environment for manufacturing packaging for steralizable surgical instruments, Pharma tubes and food grade products.

Skypack India Pvt. Ltd. was started by Mr. Naresh Kumar, who has been in the plastic packaging business since 1973. Plastic was a new concept in India at that time. He started his career with the sole objective of supplying injection molded rigid packaging material. Our first few clients were Dabur, Hammer Master and Hindustan Syringes Ltd.

Soon, he diversified into the field of flexible packaging. Today, Skypack is the sole supplier of packaging material to Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd. (HMD) and is also supplying to companies like Nestle, Reliance Retail etc . Skypack can boast of a team which keeps quality and precision as its ultimate goal.

IN India
Stand No: A41

We are taking this opportunity to introduce our self as India's Leading Turnkey Solution provider for Injectable Facilities for GENERAL INJECTABLES, CEPHA-BETA, HORMONES, ONCOLOGY, VACCINES etc.

Our Consultancy Services includes…
Basic Facility Designing
Electrical and Civil
Designing & capacity calculations for equipment/systems
Floating of tenders
Vendor Selection
Equipment finalization
DQ approval, including drawings and layouts Inspection/FAT/SAT of equipment/system
Technical support during installation and commissioning
Validation Services

We specialize in the manufacturing of Complete Compact Lines For:
Vial Liquid with Lyophilizer with Auto loading and Unloading System
Vial Powder
Ampoules with Automatic Inspection
PFS Filling- Plunger Rod Insertion- Labeling
Dental/ Insulin Cartridges 
Nasal/ Mouth Spray (Sterile or Non sterile)
3- piece- Eye/Ear Drop Filling
Powder for Suspension Filling Lines
Combi Lines- Dual and Triple
Isolators for OSD & Aseptic Production Lines
Sterility Test - Dispensing – Formulation & Compounding

Snowbell provides solutions right from…

Infeed from decartoning with Inspection- Washing- Sterilizing & Depyrogenating Tunnel- Filling Machines- Auto Lyo- Loading Unloading System- Capping- External Washing- Auto Inspection- Labeling with integrated features of ORABS-CRABS-Isolators, Servo Based Check Weighing,  with production rate from 25 to 500 Containers/min while incorporating the latest technology, conforming to the prevalent USFDA, MHRA, ENVISA, ENVIMA, EU norms

We are equipped with full-fledged manufacturing capability including state of art inspection facility to ensure standardized quality of all parental machines & equipment manufactured.

IN India
Stand No: B40

SVAM - a Customer Oriented Organisation has a dedicated manufacturing facility to produce Cold Form foil - ALUBLIS® having a manufacturing capacity of approx. 250 tons per month with fully equipped quality control department. ALUBLIS® registered with US FDA having DMF registration number-27034 as well as Comply EU requirements for regulatory requirements.

EG Egypt
Stand No: A40

Since 1982, TUBE provides finest quality of Aluminum Tubes, according to International quality standards and GMP requirements. 

We strive to be the partner of choice for all our customers, for different types of tubes and plastic packaging, for pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors. 

At TUBE, we are all united in our commitment to provide cutting-edge services and products through Quality, Service and continuous Innovations.

DE Germany
Stand No: A53

A family-owned company with tradition In 1948, company founder Josef Uhlmann starts to produce precision molds for the production of suppositories. In doing so, he lays the foundation for development of the company in the field of pharmaceutical packaging. His son Friedrich joins the company in 1963 and progressively forms a machine construction company of international repute out of his father's trade workshop. After the death of her husband in 1994, Hedwig Uhlmann takes the helm as Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board. Under her management reliability and innovation continue to shape the company as it systematically builds on its global success. Tobias Uhlmann – son of Friedrich and Hedwig Uhlmann – becomes Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Uhlmann Group in 2007. He continues to manage the family-owned company in the third generation. His objective is to strengthen Uhlmann's market leadership and ensure sustainable, long-term development.

IN India
Stand No: C42

Established in the year 2014, we,Ultra Foil, are a renowned name in manufacturing and supplying a vast range of Alu Alu Foil. Developed using superior grade raw material and ultra-modern machines, this range is designed in complete adherence with the industry standards and guidelines. Ultra Foil is proudly certified by GMP,ISO9001:2008 and DMF.

We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical machinery. Our main products include wet granulator, fluid bed dryer, bin blender, coating machine, lifter and washing station. We provide first-class GMP, CGMP, FDA, CE, TUV, ISO9001:2008 standard machinery and total pharmaceutical solution & complete set of equipment. All products are widely used in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Foodstuff industry.

With more than 20 years' production experience, our company was founded in 2013 as a producing & trading company of glass ampoules.